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Car Opel Astra, chip tuning

Car Opel Astra, chip tuning 1

Without keyword

I need to disable the particulate filter. Do?

– We do it. Now we will conduct the initial diagnosis, see what and how is inside you, then we will begin.

– What diagnostics are there! Everything is fine in the car, let’s do it right away!

This is a real conversation..
Nothing worries you?

But Alexei Viktorovich was alarmed by such a haste of the client. Later, he suggested that the owner of this car may have already been on a similar service and left with nothing.

The first and most obligatory thing to do before conducting chip tuning is to conduct the so-called “input diagnostics”. It is imperative to scan with a scanner “what breathes” the machine, what sores it has. It is clear that if a malfunction is detected on the particulate filter and incomplete regeneration, this is normal. But if there are still some problems, then you need to pause and think.

On this car, in addition to the problem with the particulate filter, there was also a malfunction called “Control unit internal defect“.

Well, everything is clear, and the answer to the client was this:

Sorry, but I won’t do any work on removing the particulate filter on your machine..

– Why? And why?

– You see the error hanging on the monitor? With such a mistake, doing something is more expensive for oneself, as they say.

– So what? Yes, do it and everything will be fine!

– Do you take full responsibility? Claims then will not be? Write a receipt?

After such an offer, the client wilted, slammed the door and left.

And this is not a precaution, this Rule is when carrying out any work on chipping cars. And it did not disappoint: a week passed or a little more, and this client called:

Could you help me in purchasing a control unit for my car?

– What happened?

What turned out later: the client still found the control unit on his car and gave the car for repair. When the repairmen opened the control unit for the sake of curiosity, it turned out that inside it was all “green”. They began to look more closely and found the reason: there was no breather in the technological hole, water and dirt freely entered the control unit and eventually turned the electronic insides into a “green mess”.

And if Aleksey Viktorovich took on the software removal of the particulate filter? Most likely, he would “put” the control unit and he would have to lay out from his pocket from 30,000 to 90,000 rubles, depending on the place of purchase. The rule didn’t “get” the cost of the control unit, that’s why this Rule exists: ” Defective car do not sew “. After that story, all cars go through strict entry control..

Well, where without the Rules … nowhere. Moreover, if the Rules help to bring the client and the auto service closer even more. And what helps to bring people closer together? Money. And the ability to maneuver money.

Somehow, a man came to the auto service with a request to “flash and add power”:

– You know, here my friends in the garages said that you can somehow increase the engine power, add acceleration to it, I arrived at the correct address?

– We arrived for sure. And what does not suit?

– Yes, everything is fine, but I wanted to try it here …

Surprised, but after checking the car they got to work. Why they were surprised: usually young and middle-aged people come to chipping, and this client was already … in short, already many years old, all gray and old. And why should he? But if a person wants, then this is his right.

Done, the client left. And a week later he called:

– May I come to you? Remember, you raised my power on my Chevrolet Aveo?

– Yes, of course we remember. What happened?

– I’ll tell you at a meeting …

Tightened and began to wait. And what turned out:

– Excuse me, but I want to return everything back. I can’t drive such a car. I used to drive: I press the gas pedal and eat, eh, hal, slowly and calmly. And now only the throttle pedal and the car jumps forward. I can’t do this, not used to it, scary. I even began to be afraid of my car … return everything back, please ….

Not a question or a problem. Alexey Viktorovich’s computer (and daily copies) stores the firmware of all cars that have ever undergone chipping. Found the grandfather’s stock firmware, uploaded it. Then they handed him the money:

Grandpa was already scared:

– What is this? What is it for?

– Well, for what? We have a rule …

The man left, and I I will tell you about Rule number 2. It has circulation in Europe, America and other civilized ones. And now we have taken root: “Voluntary return of money”, this is the correct name for the Global Rule, but we have changed it and now it is called “moneyBack” or “backmononey”.

“If, within two weeks, the client after chip tuning his car didn’t like the behavior of the car after the firmware, then he has every right to return the old firmware and the money paid for it without explaining any reason”.

The rule is good and it only brings people together.

Car Opel Astra, chip tuning 2

“If during the year any firmware that does not have the prefix“ final ”has any update, then the client has the right to update his uploaded firmware for free”

Here, I think, there is nothing to comment on, everything is extremely clear. We will stop at this, talk about something else …

About Chip Tuning only spelled easily. Look at photo 085. This is a station for heating control units.

Before opening the control unit, it must be heated. Of course, you can also heat it with a hairdryer, but it’s more correct to have such a heating station in your household, then the control unit heats up evenly and is more susceptible to opening.

Nobody canceled manual work, photo 089. But it is possible, and even necessary

Car Opel Astra, chip tuning 3

“Comb” under the best work style.
In the photo you see the block inserted into the control unit.

Each block modification has its own pads. There are four of them, the most common. With this scheme of work, you do not need to remember where which wire goes, peck your eyes at each contact place and be afraid to make a mistake. Now it’s easier and more reliable: I chose the right block, inserted.

All the described Rules are in use at the auto workshop where they work:

Nitochkin Alexey Viktorovich (8 916 279 3114) and Gorshkov Dmitry Alexandrovich (8 926 171 75 95) Elektrostal ave. Mira d. 27-a – Building of a car repair shop

With you, as always, was Kucher Vladimir Petrovich


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