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Car Opel Corsa

Car Opel Corsa 1

Opel Corsa – a car for women

Car Opel Corsa 2

The Opel Corsa D is one of the most curious cars in its class. It perfectly combines classic German severity and French ease of form.

The interior of the Opel Corsa is very cozy, although inside it is not as emotional as the outside. The interior of the car is decorated with deflectors and translucent handles in the form of buttons.

The car seems to be miniature, designed for low drivers. But appearances are deceiving! It can easily accommodate a person above 190 cm. In addition, a driver’s seat, characterized by “German” rigidity, can be adjusted in height.

The basic equipment of the car includes airbags, radio, air conditioning, spare tire, front electric lifts. It is possible to understaff the brand new Opel Corsa with a parking device, a panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, turning lights, a subframe for bicycles.

The device of the trunk of this car allows you to independently adjust the height of the shelf. With the help of two-level fastenings under the shelf, a place will be formed where luggage can be folded. The only minus of the luggage compartment is its low capacity, which negatively affects when traveling long distances.

Opel Corsa has a relatively spacious interior, unlike cars in its class. Tests have shown that in the back seats it will be very uncomfortable to sit in a threesome, especially for adults. But this disadvantage is compensated by comfortable ergonomically designed seats with an anatomical shape, a deep seat and lumbar support of impressive size.

The car has a very convenient navigation system, which is greatly facilitated by the touch screen. The driver will like the very convenient location of the wipers and non-fixed levers of direction indicators. The downside of the car dashboard is not too bright backlight, even standing at maximum. The visibility that the massive front pillars and the small rear mirrors degrade is also insufficient..

The Opel Corsa has a cost-effective and environmentally friendly engine with minimal emissions. To increase the torque, more air enters the engine cylinders, which reduces fuel costs. Engine power is enough to comfortably move around the city and on the highway.

The driver, and especially women, will like the lightness of the steering wheel, the lack of a feeling of heaviness and annoying vibrations when driving. The car is equipped with a very tolerable suspension, which copes well with bumps on the roads. Suspension and steering are fully autonomous.

By modern standards, Opel Corsa has significant passive safety, which protects the driver and passengers from serious injuries in an accident.

Will please motorists, especially women, and the price of Opel Corsa, taking into account the equipment included in the basic package.

Most experts believe that the Opel Corsa is ideal for women, as an important difference of this car is ease of use, comfort and good looks..


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