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Car Opel Insignia Country Tourer station wagon

Car Opel Insignia Country Tourer station wagon 1

Station wagon Opel Insignia Country Tourer – a great family car

Car Opel Insignia Country Tourer station wagon 2

As a rule, many of those who are going to buy a family car prefer to buy a station wagon. This type of vehicle has a roomy interior, reliable safety features, is equipped with a large number of useful options. Station wagon Insignia Country Toure has all these advantages and not only them. Among the advantages of this car, it is worth noting such as numerous electronic assistants that simplify the process of controlling the machine, four-wheel drive, a comfortable interior, a modern appearance of the body, high build quality.

Station wagon exterior features

Many motorists believe, and not unreasonably, that station wagons cannot have an attractive exterior. But, the Insignia Country Toure is this exception. This car was developed on the basis of the Sport Tourer model, so the body has retained streamlined, sporty lines. At the same time, the size of the car increased significantly, its length is almost five meters. Already in the base on the wagon installed bi-xenon. He is able to change the angle of illumination depending on the speed and angle of rotation of the wheels. Below the bi-xenon are LED running lights. The wide front bumper has air intakes and fog lights. The hood, side elements, luggage compartment door are embossed with stamping. Ground clearance increased to 175 mm, a protective body kit is installed around the perimeter of the machine.

The interior design of the Insignia Country Toure is not quite usual for station wagons. Inside there are deep sports seats with excellent lateral support. The chairs are sheathed in leather, provided with an electric drive for changing positions, heating and ventilation. The steering wheel has a thick, gripping rim, is equipped with a joystick, using which you can control the multimedia system and the on-board computer. On the center console, most of the traditional keys are replaced by sensors. The multimedia system is provided with an 8-inch display. Between the seats of the second row is a roomy box, cup holders. A4 documents can fit in the glove compartment.

Optional wagon equipment

Insignia Country Toure already in the database is equipped with a sufficient number of high-tech, useful options. So for the lowest possible cost you will get a car where an automatic gearbox, an intelligent all-wheel drive system will be installed. Thanks to it, torque can be transmitted to the wheels in all possible ways. Smoothness is provided by the adaptive chassis. The electronic system will change the stiffness of the suspension and while driving, the car will almost not notice the roughness of the road surface.

While driving, the driver will be able to take advantage of three riding modes. Depending on the choice made, not only the modes of operation of the mechanisms change, but also the level of effort that must be applied to the steering wheel and gas pedal. In our country, the Insignia Country Toure comes with a gasoline 170-horsepower engine and a 249-horsepower turbodiesel.


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