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Car Opel Insignia

Car Opel Insignia 1

Car Opel Insignia

Opel Insignia

The history of the German auto giant Opel begins in the 19th century, and the company released its first car in 1888. It was called Opel Lutzman. More than a hundred years have passed since then, and today the company’s lineup is very large and diverse..

Today we’ll talk about a car like the Opel Insignia, which replaced another well-known model of the company Opel Vectra. It should be noted that in many ways this car was ahead of its predecessor..

Initially, it was positioned as a hatchback, but later its variation appeared in the sedan class..

External and internal appearance of the car combines solidity and aggressiveness at the same time, its body is characterized by the presence of smooth bends and a falling roof line. Due to this, dynamism is also added to its solidity and aggressiveness in appearance. Its headlights are quite expressive, and the radiator grille is quite solid. Auto designers put a lot of effort and time to reduce aerodynamics and increase noise insulation characteristics.

And apparently they achieved impressive results.

The car is available in three trim levels:

1. Elegance. When decorating the car, plastic is used (dark blue), as well as lining stylized as titanium;

2. Options Sports. When decorating a car, black plastic is used;

3. Options Cosmo. When decorating, high-quality leather and wood were used. This version of the car read the most refined.

As an option, potential buyers of the car are offered the installation of a variety of systems, among which the Opel Eye should be highlighted. The headlights of the car are also of particular interest, because in addition to the dipped and main beam, they still have seven working positions.

In the vehicle’s configurations, gasoline engines (1.6 liter, one hundred and fifteen hp and 1.8 liter with one hundred and forty liters of power) and diesel engines are used.

The diesel engine range is presented in the following options: 1.6 liter engine with a capacity of one hundred and eighty horsepower, a two-liter engine with a capacity of two hundred horsepower, 2.8 liter, with a capacity of two hundred and twenty horsepower.

All engines comply with Euro standards. At the request of the buyer, various options of gearboxes (mechanical and automatic) can be installed.

The turbo-diesel engine range is represented by an engine of 1.6 liters, a capacity of one hundred and eighty horsepower, as well as two-liter engines with a capacity of two hundred and twenty hp.

The most powerful in this line is a 2.8 liter engine with a capacity of two hundred and sixty liters. forces. All engines comply with Euro standards (Euro 5).

At the request of a potential buyer, cars can be equipped with various gearboxes (mechanical and automatic). Mostly the car is available in front-wheel drive modification, but you can also purchase a car in all-wheel drive version.


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