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Car Opel Mocha

Car Opel Mocha 1

Opel Mokka – the sensation of 2012

Car Opel Mocha 2

In recent years, both in Russia and abroad, crossovers, which are an intermediate link between jeeps and city cars, are gaining more and more popularity. On the one hand, they are not as massive and expensive as SUVs, but on the other hand they are more powerful and roomy than city cars.

Speaking of the many pluses of crossovers, one cannot fail to say about the wonderful crossover Opel Mokka.

The car made a splash at the Geneva Motor Show in two thousand and twelve.

Why was this car a sensation? Let’s try to figure it out.

Firstly, the car is small in size. And its name Mocha means a coffee bean. But the most interesting is that its small size does not affect the spaciousness of the cabin and luggage compartment. The car is designed for a driver and four passengers. If you fold the rear seats, the luggage compartment acquires a fairly large volume – one thousand liters, and its standard volume is five hundred and thirty liters.

If you go on a trip on it, then your luggage will absolutely not constrain you. By the way, in the cabin there are 19 additional shelves and glove compartments.

Thus, for fishermen, active people, as well as hunters, this machine will be an indispensable assistant. All accessories for fishing or hunting (fishing tackle, cartridges, flashlight, diving cylinders) will be laid out in their places, and if the car suddenly bumps into a bump, they will not hit the walls.

Secondly, many experts call this car the most environmentally friendly in its class. The car is equipped with the most advanced filtration system, and that is why a very small amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere.

Depending on the configuration, the car can be equipped with five engines, which vary in power and volume. The engine with the smallest power consumes only four and a half liters of gasoline in the combined cycle, and its volume is 1.4 liters.

The volume of the most powerful engine is 1.7 liters, and in the combined cycle gasoline consumption is 6.4 liters. The car has a six-speed gearbox (mechanical). Basically, the car is available in a front-wheel drive version, although there is an all-wheel drive version of the car.

Thirdly, the car is very smart and safe. The viewing area is increasing due to the high landing of the driver and passengers.

Thanks to this, the driver has much more time to respond to any surprises on the road. But even if this did not happen, then all kinds of electronic systems, as well as an on-board computer, will come to his aid. The car has a very tough and strong body. Also, to ensure safety, airbags are provided (4 units).


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