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Car Peugeot 108

Car Peugeot 108 1

Peugeot 108

Peugeot 107 – a well-known car for the city, appealed to many drivers who need a compact car in busy city traffic.

The concern replaced this model with the Peugeot 108. Although the work was done well, it turned out that the car was completely spineless, and its presence is very important for urban traffic.

What is Peugeot 108 for the car?

This car is the result of the work of the three largest automobile companies – Citroen, Toyota and Peugeot. And if the brands of the first two concerns have some design flaws, then the Peugeot 108 is outwardly good. This model is mainly targeted at young people, but other categories will like it. Particular attention is able to attract added to the standard 1.2 engine.

In general, the impression of this car is good. But the dynamics have much to be desired and it would be nice if the manufacturer of the problem solved before the machine entered the market. But all this is relative, and overall the impressions are positive.

In the previous generation, there was little room for luggage and too many boarding passes. But in Peugeot 108 this was somewhat corrected, there was more luggage space due to the reduction in passenger. You should also pay attention to the touchscreen, not as responsive as it should be. And to a big minus can be attributed a dashboard made of low quality plastic.

If the choice fell on this car, the cheapest option is the 1.0 engine. But if speed is important, 1.2 will do. But you should not buy a Peugeot 109 Top, because this is not a convertible, but an ordinary car with a summer roof.


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