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Car Renault Captur Crossover

Car Renault Captur Crossover 1

Compact crossover Renault Captur – autocreating in miniature

Car Renault Captur Crossover 2

Renault engineers succeeded in realizing the idea of ​​creating a universal compact crossover, not without utility and sportiness, although the car has a rather aggressive exterior, due to the increased wheels and increased ground clearance. At the same time, the Renault Captur is pretty, with rounded sides around the perimeter of the body. And for those motorists who decide to get acquainted with the crossover more thoroughly, it will definitely not deliver disappointment. Not without reason, as the prototype of the cabin, the Renault Clio model, so popular at the time, was used.

The interior is decorated in 2 colors and tones, dark and light. The color scheme can be modified by adding or removing individual fragments of the skin. The seat covers are also removable and this allows you to give them their original appearance after thorough cleaning or washing..

The base of the machine provides a keyless start engine, USB, Bluetooth. As additional equipment, dealers offer a stern surveillance camera and a console-mounted tablet (R-Link). This option allows you to read information from the car ECU and go online.

Almost all French automobile companies have been specializing in creating ideal cars for family use for more than a dozen years, with various classes and modifications. In this case, they managed to transform the practicality and convenience of a minivan into a compact urban crossover. There are still many interesting technical developments in the cabin: a huge Easy Life glove box (11 liters), a rear luggage compartment floor that can accommodate up to 455 l, if you do not take into account many different shelves, pockets and niches for storing thousands of little things, essential in a hectic city driving cycle.

Also, the basic equipment includes the latest version of the ESC stabilization system. It reads information from seven sensors with which the crossover is “hung” around the entire perimeter, and interacts with another system – RMI, which is responsible for braking one of the wheels with activated stabilization.

In the power department in both versions, one of the three types of TCe 120 engines (from Clio IV) is installed, or a gasoline power unit, supplemented by a turbocharger, 0.9 liter cubic capacity. For urban operation, its capacity is enough, in addition, it is quite economical, and this is also an important aspect.


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