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Car Renault Duster

Car Renault Duster 1

Car Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Unlike other cars, which almost every year update their body, Duster decided to go the other way. The crossover attracts attention with new characteristics: engine displacement of 2 liters and 135 horsepower with automatic and all-wheel drive .

Inside the cabin, as well as externally, the car did not undergo any changes: the decoration material remained budgetary, the landing was uncomfortable, the ergonomics are strange, the steering wheel is not adjustable in the reach. Of the new LG multimedia (a seven-inch screen), but also with an uncomfortable low location. When viewing the screen, there is no obstacle on the road. The new screen layout is inherent in the updated Renault Duster, capturing decor elements from the second generation of Logan.

Automatic transmission, which was developed specifically for Russia. The designers had two ways: to create four-wheel drive for an automatic box or an automatic box for four-wheel drive. They went the second way. All-wheel drive Renault Duster is sold only in Russia.

The price of such a car from an authorized dealer is from 663 thousand rubles. Having signed up for a test drive, after a car with a gun you will not feel revelations. A transmission created on the basis of a four-stage torque converter during overtaking can be “thoughtful” or confused in four gears. The claimed 135 horses are pulled at 120-130 km / h.

Manual transmission with manual mode, according to Renault, should help drive on Russian roads. When you press the accelerator pedal more sharply, the tachometer speed returns to 1.5 thousand. There is no more winter mode.

By picking Renault Duster for 663 thousand rubles, the most affordable crossover with automatic and all-wheel drive in Russia. Having considered the vehicle equipment with a stabilization system, a passenger airbag, air conditioning, a winter package, multimedia with navigation, the amount goes up to 70 thousand more.


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