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Car Renault Master 2012

Car Renault Master 2012 1

Renault Master 2012

Car Renault Master 2012 2

Renault Master is a car whose quality and reliability are time-tested.

According to many, this car is an ideal commercial vehicle, and it ideally combines such characteristics as safety, practicality, reliability and durability.

Thanks to its special design, Renault Master is ahead of other cars in its class..

We can say that, in its way, the car became the embodiment of an ideal commercial vehicle for transporting small-sized and medium-sized cargo, which under no circumstances will fail its master and become a reliable assistant and faithful companion to him.

It boasts a roomy luggage compartment. Once again, it’s worth repeating that during the operation of this car, there will be no serious complaints from motorists.

What changes have occurred in the car, and what has been improved? First of all, it is a security system, ergonomics of the cabin, its comfort.

The car is equipped with fairly economical engines, characterized by excellent driving performance. It should be noted that car service will not be very expensive.

A potential buyer is offered three options for picking a car.

In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with ABS, EBA, ESP systems, and, of course, an on-board computer.

All three trim levels provide support for the “cold start” function, heated exterior mirrors, as well as airbags.

Additional options that are designed to increase the level of car comfort to unprecedented heights are: air conditioning, dust filter, parking sensors (rear), fog lights, as well as a wonderful audio system.

Under the hood of the car hides a 2.3 TSI, with power from one hundred twenty to one hundred and twenty-five horsepower. The car easily adapts to the requirements of a potential buyer and, for example, the basic version of the car is easily transformed into a special purpose vehicle.

There is also the possibility of converting, if necessary, a car into a minibus, ambulance, and collection vehicle. It should be noted that at the same time, the characteristics of the car will not practically change (load capacity, handling, economy).


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