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Car Renault Talisman

Car Renault Talisman 1

Renault Talisman – a representative representative of the D-class

Car Renault Talisman 2

The French automaker unveiled the new Renault model, bearing the sonorous name Talisman. The name of the new sedan is associated with reliability, strength and protection. Do the car have to prove reality in the very near future? The model became known in July this year, the official acquaintance will be held at the autumn auto show in Frankfurt. The car should replace the Renault Laguna and Renault Latitude models, and will also become one of the most spacious in the D-class.

Appearance Talisman turned out to be more monumental than its predecessors. In terms of dimensions, the sedan resembles a Ford Mondeo, with a difference in the length of the car – the Renault Talisman is shorter by a couple of centimeters, and in width – it is slightly wider than its American competitor. The graceful exterior embodies the corporate style of the latest brand new products, but at the same time looks much more presentable.

In the appearance of the sedan, LED headlights and sophisticated rear LED lights stand out, which practically close in the center of the trunk. The false radiator grille is chrome-plated, and the winged bend adorns the front bumper. The model has a wide selection of colors, in addition, in the top-of-the-range configuration, a color will be available that will certainly attract the attention of others – this is the color AmethysteBlack.

Salon Renault Talisman

Inside, there is a lot of free space for passengers, as well as a huge amount of luggage, reaching 608 liters. The most important technical innovation in this car is the 4Control fully-controlled chassis and stiffening active suspension. This gives the Talisman high maneuverability and increased driving safety..

The car is equipped with a proprietary Multi-Sense system, which is designed to make sedan control more comfortable. It coordinates the operation of all systems when the machine is moving. There are wide multimedia options provided by the R-Link 2 system and Bose Surround Sound, giving amazing surround sound in the car.

Specifications Renault Talisman

Power units are presented in 5 versions: 2 gasoline and 3 diesel units. Transmission – a robotic 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a 6-speed automatic. Gasoline engines are presented exclusively with the “robot”. The car has a choice of 5 trim levels.

Will Renault Talisman be delivered to the Russian market is still in doubt, will the sedan go on sale to the European market towards the end of the year.


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