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Car Renault Twingo Cosmic

Car Renault Twingo Cosmic 1

Renault Twingo Cosmic – fresh design solution!

Car Renault Twingo Cosmic 2

Despite the fact that small cars for the city already look “especially”, sometimes they try to highlight them even more. In this case, the small and modest Renault Twingo, acquired a number of updates that turned out to be quite global, because in terms of interior, the creators worked very well. By the way, for someone who is sure that they haven’t changed anything at all in technical terms, he’s mistaken. For the engine with the greatest power, in this case, they prepared a quite interesting gearbox, but more on that later. Most importantly, the hatchback was still just as cute, and most importantly affordable, because its price will reach 14.2 thousand euros in this design.

Better to start with engines, because they have the least number of changes. So to say, the basic solution will be a 1.0 liter unit, which does not have any additional devices. Its power, as for such a baby, is quite normal – 70 horses. Having sufficient torque, and this is 91 Nm, the car will be able to give a limit of 151 km / h, and also set the indicator to 14.5 seconds when accelerating to hundreds. With such a motor, the developers decided to use only mechanics in 5 steps. The 0.9 liter turbocharged unit looks much more interesting. There are as many as 90 horses, and the moment even went off scale to 135 Nm. And the main feature of just such a motor will be that a box with two clutches is docked with it – just a gift, not otherwise.

In the design industry, the novelty received much more innovations. You need to start with the fact that from now on, Twingo will receive many new colors for the body, and in addition to them will be a strip with a unique purple color. Who wants to stand out completely, can order the option in a completely such color as the above strip. Mirrors were wrapped in stylish niches of black color, after which they moved on to the salon. Here you can see a chic leather steering wheel, as well as very fashionable inserts made of anodized metal. On the floor of the car there will be mats, which certainly will not be able to meet in the usual versions of new items. And moving again to the exterior, 16-inch wheels become very noticeable. So that all these updates do not look too simple, because everyone can repaint the car, the developers have placed an infotainment system in the salon, so there will still be some fresh trends in the technical component. In this way, you can draw attention to the already existing city hatchback.


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