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Car rental in Kiev – carefully, comfort zone and territory of maximum benefit

Car rental in Kiev - carefully, comfort zone and territory of maximum benefit 1

Car rental in Kiev – carefully, comfort zone and territory of maximum benefit

The topic of car rental is very relevant today. The service has long established itself in the West, in the USA. Those who have traveled abroad know how convenient it is to use a rental car. In Ukraine, the service is no less in demand and has steadily gained momentum in popularity. People began to prefer car rental more often than using a taxi. Why is this happening and where in Kiev to order high-quality, modern, comfortable transport?

Why contacting the Avtoarenda company is beneficial – 3 main motives for contacting?

A serious business is being built with investment investments. This is a rich fleet of vehicles, a rich material and technical base, and constant work to improve the level of customer service. The Avtoarenda company, unlike one-day companies, adheres to a line of honest transparent relations with customers. The company provides the opportunity to rent modern car brands in Ukraine. What are the benefits of an organization??

Today it is the center with the lowest prices for its services. Renting a brand new car from 30 days will cost the client only $ 7 per day.

A trip abroad is always a responsible, exciting business. Relatives are worried across the ocean, and business partners are looking forward to it. Sometimes the reason for being late for an aircraft is a trivial being late due to an untimely taxi ride, idle traffic jams. Here a car from a reliable carrier “Car rental” will come to the rescue. You can pre-order a car, catch a plane. Another scenario of events will also pass no less successfully if you order a stylish car to the guest directly to the ramp, having booked it before flying to the Ukrainian capital. You can order modern restyling, a fashionable sedan, coupe or hatchback at the airports of Boryspil, Zhulyany so that the guest can enjoy the sights, touch the history, looking at the cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine.

Order a car in one city, rent in a completely different.

View the entire fleet here.

To become the proud owner of a luxury car for a couple of days, you just need to call the company and draw up a contract. Since the car is not a cheap item, any maintenance, maintaining the image of the vehicle, its working condition requires money, the company takes a deposit when making a lease. It can simply be blocked on a card, the unlocking of which will occur after the car is returned to the park.

Taxi or car rental?

A rental car is noticeably different from a taxi. In the latter, they carry everything: from people to household appliances, but this does not happen in the car fleet of rental organizations. A rental car is the preference for a comfortable ride in an expensive, prestigious foreign car. This is an opportunity not to huddle three in the back seat, meeting the dusty wind from the window of a taxi driver.

In a rental car, a person can be left to his own thoughts, he feels the road, and look at a certain class of cars that he wants to buy, rent, conducts a test drive. Having ordered a taxi, calmly around the city, do not go sightseeing, peering at every detail, the meter will tick and will not let your soul rest, and it will cost several times more.

What is important to know when renting a car in Kiev?

Rent a car for comfortable movement in a luxuriously decorated cabin, on heated seats, adjustable and first-class automation. Before renting a transport, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the services and conditions of the company.

It is worth correctly assessing your budget. In large companies, the contractual relations with the client are always perfectly debugged, the contract is understandable. The car rental business involves great risks of car damage, so insurance is necessarily included in the list of services. Companies of this plan keep vehicles in perfect condition. Tires change seasonally, professional diagnostics are carried out, timely replacement of parts.

What to look for

In this case, the equipment is important: after booking it is necessary that the body corresponds in practice to the product under the contract. Ensure air conditioner is present or not.

If the car breaks down on the road, you do not need to repair it yourself. It is better to inform the company, otherwise there is a high risk of spending the amount 2 times more than expected. In the event of a traffic accident, be sure to call the police officer, inform the landlord about what happened.

The most fashionable car rental brands

A lot depends on the design of the car. Demanded model “Skoda Rapid”, created in the spirit of Spartan minimalism with notes of Euroclass. The driver’s seat is spacious, in the rear seats 3 people can fit comfortably. A dynamic car will make any trip enjoyable and fun..

Car rental in Kiev - carefully, comfort zone and territory of maximum benefit 2

The favorite of modern business, ambitious people is Kia Rio. The stylish “Korean” can do a great job as a meeting assistant at the airport terminal. It is not a shame to submit such an option as a transfer for a foreign partner without having to face the dirt, gaining his trust from the first minutes. The presence of air conditioning will add comfort to the trip.

If you intend to drive around the country, stopping in different cities, it is better to take a car that can withstand heavy loads – a compact and luxurious SUV “Renault Sandero Stepaway”. From the city hatchback, the manufacturer made an excellent crossover out of it, able to easily overcome off-road obstacles. 5-speed manual transmission is quite reliable for long-distance driving.

The luxury Hyundai sedan Accent Solaris will become an exquisite, elegant decoration of the wedding procession. A successful project of the Korean automobile industry was recognized as the best sedan by the reviews of drivers who dreamed of super-comfort on the road. The ability to read MP3 allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks. Spectacular image in harmony with high technical characteristics, maneuverability.

Car rental in Kiev - carefully, comfort zone and territory of maximum benefit 3

Security Considerations – Valuable Tips

Car theft is the worst thing for every tenant and his client. To avoid this, you should not leave an expensive “swallow” in unguarded parking lots. Leaving it for the night, it is necessary to check the doors, whether they are closed, the windows.

When parking a car, do not block the exit for other parking participants. In the car, do not leave bags, documents, it is better to leave the seats empty so as not to attract thieves. Any car rental organization always checks the reliability of customers, because it trusts the most expensive, so you need to leave reliable phones.

When ordering a rental car, you can successfully build a day that had great hopes and dreams. Beautiful cars of our time will be a magnificent, practical decoration of any gala event. The benefit is twofold – a low price for a long-term relationship between the landlord and the client and a trip full of enjoyment, comfort and coziness. The main thing is to order transport in a reliable company – this method is tested by practice, all cars are always ready to help on an important day of fate.


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