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Car San Yong Rexton 2

Car San Yong Rexton 2 1

A Machine for the Rich – San Yong Rexton 2

Car San Yong Rexton 2 2

Korean cars are still confused with Chinese cars to this day. There may be such a reason – an unusual appearance or the comparative cheapness of these machines. But if they look really original, then the prices are not always low. For example, San Yong Rexton 2 – its price is for 1 million rubles.

SsangYong Rexton II, like other cars of this concern, not everyone likes it. But the adherents of this company note that the second Rexton is more attractive than its predecessor. Of course, this is not enough to make cars in demand. Rexton is a production model, which suggests that the car is still interested in people. But why?

But because, despite the high price, this car is cheaper than similar cars in class. And the build quality is up to standard. By the way, SsangYong Rexton II in addition to Korea released in Russia.

Naturally, those who do not possess from 2 to 5 million will acquire Rexton 2. And they will win! After all, a car has good not only price and build quality, but also equipment with layout.

The diesel volume of 2.7 liters, the gasoline 3.2 liters.

Diesel engines have different power of 165 and 186 horsepower, and they are the same in volume. High power with the same volume due to a change in the geometry of the intake valve. The gasoline engine is equipped with 6 cylinders and delivers 220 horsepower..

SsangYong Rexton II like other models has a 5-speed automatic transmission. If you wish, then for an engine with a volume of 2.7, you can install a manual gearbox on request. But this is if you are bored, because to use all-wheel drive, you will have to manually make the connection, while the machines have permanent all-wheel drive.

It turns out that out of the shortcomings is only an extraordinary appearance. In the new Rexton, unlike other models, it is changed in front of the bodywork, roof rails and the tailgate. But the car has internal changes..

Inside, a new instrument panel, which is finished with completely different materials. He also received a new stereo system that can read files from USB-drives. To sit in the cabin is very cozy and comfortable. So on a long journey you won’t get tired.

The temperature in the cabin can be adjusted using climate control. The air supplied to the cabin passes through a cleaning system, so that both the driver and the passenger breathe fresh and clean air. Of course, the car has a lot of options, but the main attention is paid to safe driving..

The car shows simply stunning stability, behaves perfectly both on the track and on the road. In one row has airbags, powerful fog lights and an electronic warning system.

Also, the car has an electronic brake force control system, anti-lock brake system, anti-coup and descent control systems.

If the driver suddenly loses control, for example, on slippery or wet roads, also at the time of a sharp turn ESP will take control of the car.

Multifunctional electro-hydraulic system controls all mechanisms and systems of movement.


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