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Car SEAT Ibiza CUPRA 1

SEAT Ibiza CUPRA – the best speaker in its class!

Car SEAT Ibiza CUPRA 2

For a long time, Seat had a desire to create a hatchback, which will belong to the category of hot new products, and not just replenish the ranks of the next small cars for the city. This idea led the developers to a solution that bears the name of Ibiza CUPRA, and in fact allows you to feel solid opportunities and a real sporting character. If we take even the most advanced representatives among hatchbacks, this device looks good near them, not like with its closest competitors. Approaching business in this way, developers are likely in the near future to be able to get to the first lines in their class, although pricing will always put any new items below the leaders, the materials are inside of completely different quality.

So, what kind of motor managed to bring the products of the Spaniards to a new level? This is a 1.8 liter unit, a turbine helps him in his work, which in the end gave a very decent result. 192 horses are produced in the white light, and given the mass of new items – this is quite a lot. Torque generally surpassed any expectations, amounting to 320 Nm. As mentioned above, everything is great with the dynamics, because you have to agree that 6.7 seconds, as an indicator of acceleration, is cool. Almost identical results for the Germans, it turned out to achieve in the field of maximum speed – 235 km / h. Well, and most importantly, such sporting standards did not force the manufacturer to bend to the engine’s appetite, allowing it to maintain consumption at the level of 6 liters. To improve the sensations, the developers used a mechanical box here, although no one excludes that this 6-speed mechanism will be supplemented by something else, because the versions may be different.

If you take into account the appearance of the Seat Ibiza Cupra, then they obviously tried to grind it under all the inquiries of customers that currently exist. Optics with eyeliner, because it is so beautiful, bumpers with huge holes for a more severe “face”, and sports discs to emphasize the existing style. The salon was saturated with the same spirit of sport, having installed seats with lateral support, a steering wheel from the same opera, well, everything else here is more than modest, but not poor. The torpedo has a small display, which displays all the information that is primarily needed by the driver. Well, the panel has already been equipped with a large display, a good entertainment system and many useful features that will come in handy during the trip and come off during a small race.


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