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Car Service: Work Order

Car Service: Work Order 1

Car Service: Work Order

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And you didn’t think about why such a simple question, which was raised in the article “Tightening torque”, gained a very large number of views in a very short time?

Leave the question in mind for now and get ready to read another article, which will also raise many questions..

We will talk about a very simple thing, about the so-called “order-order”, which the car owner must get in his hands before leaving his car for repair in a car service. And immediately the question: do you often get such an “order-outfit” on hand?

And I’ll start with an unpleasant quote:

The car in a car service burned down
I handed over the car to a car service. In the morning they called and said that it burned down at night. The car service refuses to pay the material damage incurred to me, citing the fact that a fire occurred (according to their theory) as a result of a short circuit in the wiring (the car is 10 years old). Even if this is so, doesn’t the car service bear full responsibility for the car that they have ?
So far, he has transferred a claim to them under paragraph 36 of the Rules for the provision of services (works) for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 11, 2001 N 290):
In the event of complete or partial loss (damage) of a motor vehicle (spare parts and materials) received from a consumer, the contractor is obliged to notify the consumer about this and within 3 days transfer the motor vehicle (spare parts and materials) of the same quality to the consumer free of charge or compensate 2 times the price of the lost (damaged) motor vehicle (spare parts and materials), as well as the costs incurred by the consumer.
And yet, they gave me an order-outfit agreement, but they did not write out an act of delivery of the car, but there is a witness.
I talked today with the interrogator in the fire department, read the explanatory guards of the car service, it was recorded that the car caught fire in their parking lot, although they told me on the day of the fire that the car caught fire on their lift. But I have a witness who can confirm the fact that the car was handed over to the service representative and that she was driven into their territory by them for their barrier.

What responsibility does a car service have before me? ?

Yesterday I was driven into a car service on Ivliev’s car for repair; as a result, both the car and the car service burned down. Maybe someone had a similar situation, how and with whom now to ask for a car?>

1. I got into an accident at the end of 2010, after which the car was put into a car service for repair. The act of acceptance is present.
2. A fire occurred in a car service, my car, among other 18 cars of other owners, burned out completely (there are reports of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs). By the way, CASCO car was not insured.

Read. And they probably sympathized with those mournful authors. But ask yourself: “Do you often get your hands on an order-outfit after putting your car in for repair?”.

We do not take car dealerships or other car services where filling out an order-order is not considered “unnecessary paperwork.” These are serious enterprises where they look ahead and always “lay straws” not only for the client, but also for themselves: if you are not aware, then there is still a certain category of clients of automotive services that want to not only repair some kind of malfunction, but also get from a car service, money for something mythical, for example, for a scratch, “which definitely wasn’t!” or for something else, even, for example, for the fact that “when I handed you the car in for repair, my tires were brand new, and now you give me my car – and on it tires are bald!”. And it happens, do not be surprised.

And what can you object? Will you mind? And who will confirm your words? And the client probably has five or even ten “witnesses” who will confirm that “he saw his friend’s car in front of the gates of the car service, and yes – the tires were brand new, he himself helped a friend buy”.

And that’s it. You are in flight. And no court will help, it remains to turn only to “physically strong people with low social responsibility,” but remember that after contacting them you yourself become their debtor, and who knows that they can kindly ask for their help.

What conclusion can be made? What is the way to apply in order to “smoothly and smoothly disperse with any client”?

Yes, you thought it right, the hint was at the beginning of the article: “Before handing over a car for repair, you must definitely fill out an order-outfit and for reliability take a photo of the car from all sides”.

Here are some examples from the internet:

So, by the way, many of my friends do, for example, our constant author of technical articles, Mikhail Kudryavtsev (his articles here).

And do not think the same way that car services, where not accepted filling out and giving out orders to customers is not enough – a figure of several tens of thousands, and how is it for you?
Where does such a huge figure come from? You say that I lied? Do not think that the market for car services is based only on dealers and authorized car services, there are few of them, a percentage or a few percent. Everything else is car services, where the work is performed by one or two masters. Most of these.

Now listen to my personal statistics of answers to the question: “Why do not fill out an order-outfit?”?
– “This is unnecessary paperwork, it only takes time – all my clients know me and trust me.” And to my leading question: “Have you had fires?” They wave away, baptize and knock on the tree.
– “An order-outfit is an unnecessary whim, my clients believe me – and I believe them”
These are the main answers and the main idea: “I trust clients and clients trust me”.

And look at the situation on the other hand: the client gives the car service an amount of several hundred thousand and believes that tomorrow you will give the same amount to him. And the next day, when he arrives, you shrug and say that “there was a fire, arson and …”.
So, what is next? I doubt that the client will hug the car mechanic, will pat him on the head and sentence, they say, do not worry, don’t cry, I still have several hundred thousand rubles in my pocket, we’ll survive, we’ll figure it out! “.

Of course, the option “my car burned out in a car service at night”, or “my car was stolen from a car service at night” is a rather rare option, but always remember the folk wisdom about straws, which must be laid somewhere in time.


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