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Car Services in Russia

Car Services in Russia 1

Without keyword

Preface required. Until now, tens of thousands of car owners are asking themselves the question “Which car service to choose to repair their car?” There are many answers on the Internet, starting with a “competent specialist” and ending with “ask a friend.” And I’ll give my advice that has not let anyone down yet: “Choose a“ family car service. ”Why? And here is the answer on the surface:“ Family car service is a “Quality Mark” for all work carried out inside a car service.

And to make sure of this, let’s visit such a car service in the city of Kemerovo, which many people know and listen to its head Anatoly Anatolyevich Korobeynikov.

Car Services in Russia 2

In the photo: Auto-shop “A-service”,
Kemerovo city, tel. 8 384 237 69 04

“Family car service” is a constant control. Starting from the client’s listened problem, until the car leaves the box.

Even before entering boxing, the eldest son Nikita is testing a car. Extraneous sounds, behavior in the engine, gearbox, brake system, steering system, burning warning lamps on the instrument panel, as well as their absence. The owner is notified if probable malfunctions were not the reason for contacting the service. Search, delivery of spare parts is also his responsibility..

Natalya, being primarily an administrator, carefully as a good doctor, collects an anamnesis (listens to owners’ complaints about the condition of the car).

The information received is analyzed., what, typically facilitates troubleshooting for mechanics.

At all stages of repair or diagnostics, the process is monitored both in quality of work and in volume (it is always discussed how to solve the existing problem with minimal costs).

One of the tasks is to save the owner from unnecessary trouble in the independent search for spare parts of the car and their delivery to the auto repair shop, offering possible options to the client at the cost and availability of the seller.

Communication with customers by phone is also on Natalia’s shoulders. Technically competent answers to questions from customers who called (and they can be different, sometimes tricky!) ‚Leave no doubt about the qualifications of the service.

Non-standard solutions, it would seem hopeless situations – this is the hobby of service!
Naturally, everything is discussed in advance with the client.
Together with other car service specialists with a technical background, extensive experience in car repair, they perform such work that other services simply refuse.

A bit of the history of the development of the A-Service workshop.
When all the possibilities of stable earnings were exhausted, 17 years ago at the family council they decided to open their own business. The direction was chosen: “Maintenance and repair of Japanese-made cars,” since the car repair shop is located on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains J and cars of these manufacturers predominate on the roads of the city of Kemerovo. We registered the IP, found a box for rent and started. Let’s skip the story about the “charms” of the newly opened service, and they were full, we studied like everyone else — on our own mistakes. It soon became clear that the landlord’s appetite was growing faster than the numbers on the calendar, and it came to understand that you need your own box. There was no money for the finished one, but perseverance was abundant – in 2003, construction began. They built and worked at the same time, then there was a need for the help of Natalia as an administrator and as the head of a car service. They were built taking into account the operation of the rented box, it was dark, cold, and the concrete floor was always crashed from the aggressive environment. In 2006, they moved to their premises – warm and bright, with a well-thought-out heating system, tiled floors.

We tried to provide for a lot:

Over the years of experience and practice, one more direction has been taken: “Maintenance, repair of Korean-made cars, as well as light trucks of the Japanese and Korean markets weighing up to 5 tons”.

Expanding the types of services provided, they began installing pre-start engine heaters and heaters for Advers domestic production, as well as their warranty and post-warranty service.

In the photo: Binar 5S with GSM unit on Volkswagen Jetta 1.4

In the near future we plan to do diagnostics, maintenance and repair of car climate systems. There are also plans to expand the premises and, accordingly, increase the volume of serviced cars.

“Family car service” is a rather rare phenomenon, such car services in Russia can be counted on the fingers.

Anatoly Korobeinikov himself has a secondary specialized education, specializing in Electric Excavator Engineer SPTU-33, Novokuznetsk.
But it’s not a matter of education, the main thing is to “build, organize and build up” – which is being done quite successfully: in a month 70-180 cars with a wide variety of malfunctions pass through a car service.

We have already said about spare parts, I’ll make an addition according to Anatoly Anatolyevich: “There are always necessary consumables: engine oils, transmission, brake coolants, filters, lamps, brake pads, wheel bearings, attachment belts we keep on hand. There is a table of orders for new and used spare parts, provided that the car is in our work. For cars with scheduled maintenance, we purchase spare parts in advance, the rest from the wheels “.

This car service is looking into perspective: it is planned to repair climate systems, refuel air conditioners, adjust wheel geometry.
The wife of Korobeinikov, Natalya, was presented with a certificate “Skydiving” last year. They decided this: “We are a family, we are a support group – we jump together!”.

And so, imperceptibly, sport became necessary, as Anatoly Anatolyevich says: “For two years we began to get involved in snowboarding thanks to my son Nikita. It’s good that Sheregesh is not far‚ four hours drive from Kemerovo ”.

This car service and its head Anatoly Anatolyevich Korobeynikov are always ready to solve the most complex technical problems.

In the photo: Anatoly Anatolyevich Korobeinikov.


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