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Car shampoo – Car maintenance

Car shampoo - Car maintenance 1

Car shampoo

No matter how you try to take care of your car, without auto-shampooing, it is unlikely that you can wash a layer of dirt and soot well. Without shampoo, it is quite difficult to wash with simple water the harmful impurities of salt and grease that have accumulated on the surface.

Car shampoo copes well with all this, which is added to the water intended for washing the car. But do not confuse car shampoo with ordinary household shampoo, these are completely different things. Many car owners ask the question: why can’t you use dishwashing detergent to wash your car? Such a detergent, although it copes well with greasy dishes, is not suitable for washing a car.

The point here is that, unlike greasy dishes, the car has a painted surface, rubber and plastic parts. From a single use of household detergent, nothing bad can happen to the painted surface, but from frequent use, the result is in the form of soap stains, scratches, and in the worst case, even bloating. And you will have no one to make a claim, except to yourself. Household detergents cannot give you any guarantees. So, listen to folk wisdom – avaricious pays twice. Do not save on car shampoos, such savings can cost you more. And it’s better not putting it off until tomorrow, go to the car shop for a special car shampoo.

From its use, the first time you feel the difference in detergent – the machine will shine, like brand new, pleasing to the eye. When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to the manufacturer, indicating his address and phone number, then see the release date, expiration date. Buy only high-quality car shampoo, avoid buying goods of an indefinite manufacturer without details, or when do not use expired shampoo. Expired goods immediately suggests: if it is stale, it means it is not in demand, and if it is not in demand, it means that it is of poor quality – draw conclusions, decide for yourself. Car shampoo should be accompanied by instructions.

Before you buy – always read the instructions and pay attention to any nuances. So you can determine whether this car shampoo is suitable for your car. The color of the shampoo does not play any role, you do not need to select the shampoo according to the color of the car. When buying a car shampoo, keep in mind that almost all shampoos are concentrated and consistently have a high viscosity. So shake the shampoo and you will notice slowly rising air bubbles up. If something worries you, and you doubt it is better to refrain from buying this shampoo. Consult the seller, he will certainly help with the right choice. Use car shampoo according to the instructions, dilute, strictly following the instructions. Almost all bottles have graduated divisions, which makes it much easier, without labor and measurement, to pour the right amount of shampoo into the water.

Many manufacturers produce the same car shampoo in different packages, both in large containers and in smaller volumes. If you wash your car yourself, then it is much more rational to buy in large packages. The composition of shampoos is slightly different – this is so, at least, manufacturers of car shampoos say. There are shampoos with the addition of wax and teflon. But if these additives are in the shampoo, then we can say that they are not so important there. Which manufacturer to choose? Which car shampoo is better domestic or imported? This is already being said – to your taste. Be careful, among fake shampoos quite often there are fakes, especially domestic manufacturers. No matter how good the car shampoo is, you should refrain from washing it with the engine and other oily parts. There are special engine cleaners for these units..


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