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Car Skoda Fabia

Car Skoda Fabia 1

Skoda Fabia – Availability and Durability

Car Skoda Fabia 2

The model was based on the platform of the highly successful VW Polo. By the way, Seat Ibiza is also installed on a similar base. Having a single platform, each of the models is individual in its own way. The German car is focused on the older brother Golf and that’s it. Ibiza has all the prerequisites to attribute it to sports cars, but SKODA Fabia, as well as possible, is suitable for the role of a car for family use, due to its practicality, technical unpretentiousness and low cost. Apparently for this reason, the developers crossed out the 3-door bodies from the projects, directing their forces to build hatchbacks, station wagons and sedans with 5 doors.

The VW concern fully worried about the motor equipment of the car, installing gasoline power units from 50 to 116 forces and diesel engines from 68 to 101 forces in various trim levels. In the transmission department, in the basic version, a classic manual transmission is proposed (5), and with an automatic transmission (4), a 75-horsepower gasoline unit operates, although not in all trim levels. The assortment of the secondary market is filled with dealer cars or copies imported from European countries.

In the exteriors of VW Polo and Fabia, there is no similarity, but inside the salons you can find a lot in common. The combination and placement of the dashboard, shift paddles, door elements, air conditioning, by the way, the latter is also installed in the more expensive VW models. I would like to note the excellent quality of materials and the assembly of the interior. Years of operation have confirmed the complete absence of the appearance of cod, squeak of plastic components, as well as the durability of the upholstery.

Classic, this is the basic factory version, offers the user an airbag (for the driver), the rest of the equipment is considered as optional. In the Comfort package, the car is equipped with an on-board computer, power mirrors, an airbag (driver and passenger), fog lights. Finally, Elegance comes with alloy wheels, air conditioning, power accessories, and heated seats (front).

The Fabia model can please with a high degree of reliability, however, like all cars created with the direct participation of the developers of the VW concern, with one caveat, it needs timely service. The power units are adapted to AI-92 gasoline, they do not cause complaints in the operation. Periodic cleaning of the fuel injection nozzles and replacement of the ignition cartridges will be required. In manual transmission, you should pay attention to the traction bolt; during operation, it may loose. The clutch is reliable and durable. The steering mechanism is quite strong, the only thing is that you will have to change the rotation sensor. If depressurization occurs, causing the steering rack to leak, it is recommended that the mechanism be completely changed, but only after its diagnosis in the repair service.


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