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Car Skoda Felicia

Car Skoda Felicia 1

Car Skoda Felicia

Car Skoda Felicia 2

In May 1995, SKODA introduced its new brainchild, SKODA Felicia, to replace the outdated SKODA Favorit. At the same time, the creators tried to invest positive characteristics of the time from both Skoda and Volkswagen.

From previously produced models, Skoda has invested in Felicia its own power unit with a volume of 1289 cm3. On the one hand, this made it possible to classify the new model as an economy class. And on the other, this engine was familiar to motorists and was quite easy to maintain.

In February 1996, the company presented the Skoda Felicia model with a 1.6-liter power unit from the distributed injection systems that Volkswagen gave, and which VW Polo was equipped with at that time.

In May 1997, production began of 1.9 liter diesel models, which Volkswagen also equipped with VW Polo.

This is due to the fact that due to the instability of the automotive market in 1994, Volkswagen buys Skoda, which becomes part of a large corporation.

It is also important to note that the body design of the Skoda Felicia largely copies the previously released Favorit. But at the same time there are such changes as smoothing of sharp corners and smoother lines. That time required.

But already in July 1997, a significant change in the front appearance of the Skoda Felicia took place: a chrome radiator grille appeared, which became a distinctive detail of the Skoda brand not only on the Felicia model, but also on the Fabia and Octavia following it. Even now, such a lattice with a slightly changed shape is on all Skoda models.

Also in 1997, the power unit with a volume of 1.3 liters underwent significant changes: a distributed injection system was installed.

Skoda offered a variety of body styles and powertrains: the first body offered was a hatchback, then a station wagon, a van, and a pickup truck. This allowed attracting additional buyers of such a car model, depending on future operating conditions and application in the life of the car owner..

It is important to note that Skoda was able to maintain the same high clearance as on previous car models..

The basic equipment of the Skoda Felicia brand included only a central lock on two front doors. But in the future, models were already supplied with power accessories, alarm, driver and front passenger airbags, air conditioning, a sunroof, etc..

Such a car was also beneficial for traveling alone for work or as a family to nature, or fishing with friends. It is important to note that, despite its small appearance, five adults can safely get into the interior of such a car, and no one will be uncomfortable.

With proper care and proper maintenance, Skoda Felicia can be useful and joyful to its owner for a small expenditure on fuel and supplies..


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