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Car Skoda Octavia 3

Car Skoda Octavia 3 1

The third generation Skoda Octavia has surpassed itself

Car Skoda Octavia 3 2

SKODA Octavia back in 1965 was far from ideal. It was difficult to ride it, as there was a tight grip, a smeared reaction to gas, and a lack of ride. Inside, tall passengers were uncomfortable. But all the flaws are in the past. Modern technology has made it possible to make a miracle. Changes are felt in everything..

The first thing to note is a convenient and multifunctional steering wheel. It makes it easy to operate the machine. The presence of a modern sensory media system also affects the quality of travel. The spacious lounge is easy to build to fit your needs. Space is available. In the third generation of Octavia, you feel comfortable inside. All the strict elements of the car look fashionable. The decoration is at a high level. Tastefully selected decorative inserts. The 1.6-liter atmospheric engine will give an excellent ride on Russian roads. But there is a more powerful version with a turbo engine. She can give out 180 hp. The car starts with a jerk. I was impressed by the car with its acceleration. Many car owners will be able to surprise and delight the volume of the trunk – 590 l.

In the third generation there will be no hydromechanical machine, which was present in the second generation. The foundation for the creation of the third Octavia was the modular MQB platform. For the Russian market, the version with the old unit installed has been preserved. The disc brakes are equipped with modern systems that allow us to ride along our roads without any problems. Reliability of the car has been increased to a maximum. Engineers increased the wheelbase, reduced the total weight of the car. Everything from finishing to interior content has changed for the better. Many refinements require praise. Of course, some buyers may say that the interior does not feel creativity, but it is not so important.


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