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Car Skoda Rapid Spaceback

Car Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1

“Pseudo-SUV” based on Skoda Rapid Spaceback

Car Skoda Rapid Spaceback 2

SKODA concern has always been distinguished by the ability to design cars that can combine functionality, practicality and high reliability. Recently, the ability to develop a modern and interesting design has been added to these advantages. Moreover, the cars acquired external features characteristic only for Skoda, became recognizable at first sight. More than ten years ago, the updated SKODA Rapid Spaceback was introduced to the world. The car turned out so successful that in a short time it won worldwide love and popularity..

And here’s another piece of news: European Skoda dealers have begun to place orders for the Rapid Spaceback styling hatchback, dubbed ScoutLine. But unlike the Scout family, this car does not have either increased ground clearance or all-wheel drive. The likely reason for creating the new product is most likely an attempt to create a car similar to the parent Volkswagen Polo Cross, in which the “all-terrain” elements carry the entourage of the effect of amplification of an already decent configuration.

The body of the Czech hatchback around the circumference was dressed in protective elements made of matte plastic. The same plastic covers wheel arches, bumpers and integrated sills. Also, unique 16-inch and 17-inch Rock and Camelot alloy wheels and designer mirrors in contrasting silver were developed for this machine..

By tradition, the novelty uses all modern automotive technologies. The multimedia system received the addition of MirrorLink, which allows you to synchronize work with smartphones.

The hatchback was left with front-wheel drive and the usual clearance of 14 cm. The dimensions of the car also did not change..

The engine range is represented by three gasoline units with power potentials of 90, 110 and 125 horsepower, capable of accelerating the car to almost 200 km / h. An alternative to gasoline engines will be two diesel engines with a capacity of 90 and 116 horsepower. All engines are “sharpened” to Euro-6 standards, supplemented by newfangled start systems via the “start-stop” button and braking energy recovery.

An impressive line of transmissions is also offered. From five- and six-speed “mechanics” to a seven-speed robot.

The hatchback pendant has a classic layout: McPherson struts are located on the front, and a torsion beam.

New from Skoda is almost certainly waiting for success. Few hatchbacks boast such a successful combination of price, exterior and quality performance..


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