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Car Skoda Superb GreenLine

Car Skoda Superb GreenLine 1

Skoda Superb GreenLine – an attempt to help nature!

Car Skoda Superb GreenLine 2

Only in the spring, SKODA SuperB was presented in a new interpretation, and here the company says that it is going to launch a new version of this magnificent car. The whole essence of the modification will be its ability to cope with nature, and thanks for this you will need a brand new engine. Interestingly, those who love sedans and those who respect station wagons will be able to take the opportunity to ride such a device. It is in such bodies that the diesel engine will be located. Of course, it would be completely stupid to launch a car with a new name on the market, while not adding anything more than an engine. That is why, external corrective work was performed, the concept of the suspension and the like were changed. In general, the buyers will be as beautiful a car as before.

The most interesting thing about the new product, which was quite obvious, was the motor. By installing a 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel here, the developers tried to ensure that drivers could save money specifically. With a power of 120 horses, emissions were reduced in comparison with competing engines, and a special exhaust neutralization system helps. The average fuel consumption of such an engine is 3.7 liters, and the 66 liter tank located here made it possible to drive 1,780 km without refueling during tests, with moderate driving – a grandiose result. With a manual, 250 Nm of torque, and various saving systems, this engine does not allow the car to be slow. You can still hope for acceleration in the region of 11 seconds and see on the speedometer a maximum of 204 – 206 km / h, depending on the chosen body. The performance is quite good also due to the fact that it was in this version that the suspension was underestimated for better aerodynamics, so that engineers thought a lot of little things before releasing such a novelty.

Smaller innovations include fog lamps. They are not simple, because they have the function of lighting the turn. Also, there are tinted windows, an excellent emblem that copies additional characters in the name of the car, well, there were some updates to the disks, even 16 inch ones. To even smaller details, it is worthwhile to include tires, which here have a reduced indicator of rolling resistance, that’s it. Taking all this into account, it is quite obvious that many motorists who have not yet had time to upgrade will pay attention to this particular modification.


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