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Car Skoda Superb SportLine

Car Skoda Superb SportLine 1

Skoda Superb SportLine – a small sports refinement!

Car Skoda Superb SportLine 2

After the younger model of the company – SKODA Rapid, was updated, and in sports terms too, the developers would have acted absurdly if they had not taken up the flagship – SKODA SuperB. For the two versions of this device, for the liftback and station wagon, the creators prepared a special sports package, so now for those who want to buy this miracle, you just need to find a SportLine car in the passenger compartment, and they can stand out on the street. It is very interesting that the company decided not to provide this package for those trim levels that use the most economical engines – diesel and gasoline for 120 and 125 forces. Definitely, such a move is good, because who cares about the outwardly sports apparatus that can’t do anything?

Passing through the list of available engines, an engine with a turbine, so to speak, an entry-level one, is the best suited for this whole set. The volume in it is 1.4 liters, in this situation, a moment of 250 Nm, and of course 150 horses, enough to satisfy the initial needs of a driver who wants a little drive. For fans of diesel there is the same power option, only with a volume of 2.0 liters and a serious moment of 340 Nm. Another representative of a series of turbocharged gasoline engines is a 1.8 liter unit. It has crazy 180 horses that will easily surpass another 2.0 liter turbodiesel with 190 forces and an incredible torque of 400 Nm. But the “tops” will be two gasoline engines, still with turbines, both versions are 2.0 liter, both have a torque of 350 Nm, but one is less charged – 220 horses, and the second already produces a maximum of 280 horses. It is with this unit that you can accelerate to 250 km / h, and also show decent acceleration in 5.8 seconds.

As for the changes in the cabin – they are, and they are very interesting. Here new seats are formed, sharpened them to the appropriate style, the steering wheel fell under the same direction of refinement. From now on, leather appears on the gear selector, but in the cabin, trim elements imitating carbon are attached. On pedals, as in the best sports cars, aluminum pads will appear. The suspension will drop quite strongly, the clearance will decrease by 15 mm. On the glass, and specifically this is their back row, the tone is now visible, the wheels will become very stylish, given the fact that they will be offered with a radius in two versions – 18 and 19 inches. In addition, the side mirrors will be placed in special black cases, and the grille will be painted in the same tone. In general, with decent engines, this package will diverge very well..


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