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Car Subaru Forester 3

Car Subaru Forester 3 1

Subaru Forester 3 is perfect for all roads

Car Subaru Forester 3 2

The third generation of cars Subaru Forester is absolutely reliable and bypassing all its predecessors was able to settle among full crossovers. For many fans of Subaru, this model did not appeal to anyone and even lost their charisma in their eyes and diminished the sports fuse, chasing the fashion for crossovers. And be that as it may, the model still sold out in considerable circulation.

In addition to its eastern origin and great success in the market, Forester is distinguished by a high-quality immobilizer, built-in not only in the instrument panel, but also in the module that controls the processes in the engine. An excellent level of protection both from targeted hijackers and from casual lovers of cars of this class. It’s no secret that Japanese products are of the highest quality, and therefore there are no weak spots on this body, the paint is excellent, and if you have to see a trace of corrosion, this is unprofessional repair and only.

Prior to one of the restyling engines belonged to the EJ series, known for many other Subaru models. As for engine resources, on average, the youngest of them is characterized by up to 300 thousand km and the same after an overhaul. What is most important is the regular replacement of oil and maintaining it at the proper level. Subaru has great appetite for high speeds and long trips.

As for the second type of 2.5 L motor, it is prone to overheating due to long loads, such as long trips at close to maximum speed.

In order to avoid unpleasant moments with engine breakdowns, it is possible to install an additional sensor that records the temperature, pressure and oil level.

Forester is characterized by a downshift transmission and, according to service workers, there are no problems with this type of razdatka. A five-speed mechanics with viscous clutch differential is installed here, which is good for short distances and without extreme conditions..

The cabin is simple and reliable in terms of equipment with electronics. For many owners, the only difficulty can be the sensitivity of the brakes, and then it passes over time, without the need for refinement.

The third generation Forester is Japanese quality and absolute reliability, and with regular inspections, even some modifications will not cause concern.


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