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Car Subary Legacy GT Sedan

Car Subary Legacy GT Sedan 1

Sedan Subary Legacy GT – one and all at once

Car Subary Legacy GT Sedan 2

The most expensive configuration of the flagship Legacy GT model gives rise to conflicting opinions. It would seem that the car is comfortable, roomy, therefore, not devoid of practicality, at the same time it is very impulsive, with a considerable share of charisma and obvious sporting inclinations. How Subary developers managed to put all these conflicting technical facets together and put them in a business-class sedan, God only knows.

As expected, the Subary Legacy GT model, having belonging to an expensive segment, should carry a large share of comfort and convenience on board, with an emphasis not only on the driver, but also on passengers. In this regard, the GT fully lives up to expectations.

The suspension does not react at all to the irregularities of the roadway, the seats are reinforced with support on the sides, excellent thought-out ergonomics, all buttons and keys are in the free access zone. A somewhat “dry” interior design, when compared with other class D models, although experts believe that this is not the most important.

The machine is equipped with an innovative system responsible for managing the quality of the chassis and suspension, SI-Drive. It allows the motorist to choose one of the 3 proposed control modes: Intelligent, which makes driving comfortable and puts the car in economy mode, Sharp Sport – and the car becomes dynamic and aggressive, and just Sport, this mode is mainly used for long trips . It demonstrates a clear balance of performance and fuel costs..

In Intelligent mode, the car accelerates very smoothly, prudently choosing the necessary gear, which can significantly save fuel. In Sharp Sport mode, he comes to life, sensitively reacts to the gas pedal, beginning to unleash the crankshaft of the power unit with temperament. It is appropriate to add four-wheel drive and a clear, scrupulously tuned steering mechanism.

If we consider the Legacy GT, not taking into account its cost, we have a reliable, practical, and comfortable car, with a considerable claim to sportiness. But when the question of its price rises to the surface, the prioritization looks different. In terms of its operating parameters, the model is practically a leader in class D, but the price proposed by the manufacturer may well compete with the prices of premium cars. This nuance is the main pitfall in the formation of the GT model sales rating..


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