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Car Toyota Corolla

Car Toyota Corolla 1

Car Toyota Corolla

Car Toyota Corolla 2

Toyota Corolla car is a car manufactured by the Japanese motor company Toyota Motor Corporation. Corolla’s car, produced since 1966. Over the years of production, the car has changed many generations, and during its development, completely changed its appearance, both externally and in technical terms.

The first generation, cars of the Toyota Corolla model, saw the light in 1966, and initially, were intended only for the market in Japan. Two years later, in 1968, a hatchback was introduced under the name Sprinter, which was sold by means of a special dealer network of Toyota.

The second generation of these cars appeared in 1970, in the form of restyling, the previous generation. The updated cars installed more powerful engines with a volume of 1.4 – 1.6 liters. Also, the appearance of the car has undergone changes. He also got the name Corolla E20.

In 1974, at a Japanese company, a new car was developed that belonged to the third generation Toyota Corolla. There was also a modification of the car, in the form of a two-door liftback. The car, which was also modernized externally, received a more rounded shape. Designation he had E30.

The fourth generation, was developed in 1979, it was also a restyling of the previous generation of the model. On this generation, the car received a completely new design, compared to previous generations. The car became more angular, also received square front and rear lights. In this vehicle, the designation was E70.

The fifth generation, released in 1983, the body received certain external changes. A version of the car appeared in a diesel engine, with a volume of 1.8 cubic meters. The car was designated E80.

The sixth generation of the car, appeared in 1987. The design of the car has become more elegant in shape; manufacturers have moved away from the previously used body shape angularity. The designation was E90, on this generation a car, received a large line of engines, from 1.3 to a special engine, with a turbo-supercharging, with a capacity of 165 horsepower.

In the summer of 1991, the seventh generation of the car was produced on Toyota. The car has become heavier than previous generations, and its body has become wider. This generation was also represented by a sports coupe called Corolla Levin. On this generation, cars began to actively transfer from a carburetor system to an injector.

In 1995, the eighth generation of Corolla appeared. The car received a completely redesigned. In particular the round shape of the headlights. In 1998, in the Japanese market, cars were presented with a modernized engine, which was equipped with an aluminum cylinder block, as well as a cylinder head, which is lighter than the previous ones.

The ninth generation appeared at the end of 2000. In the car, introduced many different technological solutions. He has become more open. The car also received sharper body lines..

In 2006, the tenth generation of the car came out. The car, again received a more modern design and some changes in the technical part.

In 2012, the automobile concern introduced the latest modification of the Corolla car, the eleventh generation.

Toyota brand cars, Corolla models, are quite popular cars, almost all over the world, and their production and modernization continues successfully.


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