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Car Toyota Verso

Car Toyota Verso 1

Toyota Verso

Car Toyota Verso 2

We will not go into the background of the origin of the Toyota Verso, in this case it is better to immediately share our impressions. Appearance is not particularly impressive – a typical, even standard Toyota. No matter how hard you try, he doesn’t catch, seeing on the road, you don’t even remember anything, as if he is and is not at the same time. But maybe this is the highlight of this car, although.

Let’s look into the salon, it may not be so sad. Absolutely longing – all devices are standardly located, the console is generally faded, well, who is this designer? Are these Japanese crazy? Ergonomics is certainly on top, but the idea does not leave that all the details are taken from different machines and somehow stuck together. But there is an indisputable plus in both the five-seater and seven-seater versions – the capacity is huge, a sort of small truck under the slogan: “I will transport everything that fits”, but it will fit a lot! If you fold the seats, and this can be done all at once, or separately, you can let it not be an elephant, but it’s easy to put a two-chamber refrigerator.

A sign of a premium class is a panoramic roof and it does its job, a very useful option, especially if the family has young children – they can be neutralized for a long time thanks to the amazing effect that the roof produces.

The engine in the car is 1.8 liters – not a lot, but for a car of this class it is quite tolerable, being almost always loaded with fuel consumption of 11 liters – this is a really good indicator. The engine power is 147 horses and the gearbox is a variator, the car obviously does not fly, it just rides, it is an ordinary car for riding, not for racing, it just floats smoothly in the stream of cars. But no matter what, sometimes on it you can still drive by going through a single press of a button in sports mode.

One thing can be said about the control style – the car is light, with excellent visibility, high landing and large mirrors do their job. The car is tough, but it is easy to explain by the fact that it is designed for good weight. The car holds the track perfectly and even at a speed of slightly over 100 km / h the car does not swing and does not roar like a wounded beast.

Despite the good driving performance – the car is far from ideal, but if someone likes his unprepossessing appearance both outside and inside, then we have no right to condemn such a person. Taste and color – no mates.

In general, the car is good, but no more, there are many analogues that are much better and more economical.


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