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Car VAZ-2101

Car VAZ-2101 1

The uniqueness of the VAZ-2101

Car VAZ-2101 2

The old man VAZ 2101 should be attributed to the old people of the automotive industry, who now enjoy good user interest.

This iron horse is equipped with a 1.2 liter engine. The installation of the working volume is also practiced on other models of this brand. The engines of the French brand Fiat, according to experts, were also installed, and this was not a novelty. They also argue that the very design of the engine for a domestic car was borrowed from the French and became the basis during mass production. Engineers made changes to the design to betray the individuality of the motor, increasing the distance between the cylinders. Such modernization allowed to increase the alternative during the manufacture of engines with increased displacement. Thus, the progenitor of engines contributed to the emergence of volumes from 1.3 to 1.6 liters, and gave Niva a new “heart”.

The car is equipped with an engine consisting of one row of cylinders. They are in the engine 4. In the upper part there is a camshaft. The chain ensures the operation of the drive in the gas distribution mechanism. With moderate operation, maximum engine output is achieved. Before overhaul, a car can slip from two hundred thousand kilometers.

This has been repeatedly confirmed during testing. The analysis confirmed that such distances were not the limit of the hardy “penny”. The only condition that contributed to this performance was the use of the manufacturer’s oil.

Engine care

If you properly and timely care for the “heart” of the car, then it will last for many years. And that is the truth. The most vulnerable place, experts consider the valve system. For every ten thousandth run it is necessary to put the car for repair and make their adjustment. Failure to comply with such recommendations will harm the engine and during its further operation will lead to serious damage.

Considered important and the adjustment of the injection process. As a negative, against the background of new technologies, it should be noted the high demand of the engine for oil and its frequent overheating during extreme operation. Overheating can contribute to malfunction of the thermostat, as well as the fan. In addition, refueling of such vehicles with gasoline higher than the A-92 brand is not recommended. The manufacture of the motor was not designed for a high octane ratio.

If you are a jack of all trades, and have the opportunity to modernize the “heart” of an iron horse, this will help increase its power.

There are frequent cases when during operation of the VAZ 2101, smoke begins to pour out the exhaust pipe. This can be facilitated by the destructive process that has occurred in valve seals or guide bushings. For the proper operation of the engine, in order to avoid high fuel consumption, it is necessary to correctly set the carburetor. The biggest problem that can happen to the motor is the destruction of the rings in the piston system. To prevent this from happening, a systematic diagnosis and cleaning is necessary..


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