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Car Volkswagen Caddy

Car Volkswagen Caddy 1

Volkswagen Caddy – a roomy van for active people

Car Volkswagen Caddy 2

The fourth generation Volkswagen Caddy pleasantly surprises with its transformations. Inside the car, everything indicates high cost. Appearance was radically transformed. They decided not to change the power structure. The rear suspension was subject to modernization. A new motor was installed, a modern multimedia system, a special system now monitors the distance, automatic parking is provided.

Passengers may not like how the music sounds. The volume knob is located next to the gear lever. The speakers themselves are in the farthest corner of the car. This has a little effect on the sound..

The front panel is well designed. The glove compartment decided to cover it. Landing, although too vertical, but comfortable. Armchairs are comfortable and comfortable for every passenger.

The fourth-generation Caddy wagon remains the same. The loading height is not too large, which is convenient during operation of the machine. The doorway is wide. The volume of the van compartment is 3200 liters. But the manufacturer is ready to offer a version of Maxi. It can fit 848 liters more. The passenger version of the car provides for the presence of 7 seats.

Volkswagen Caddy rides quietly, calmly. Passengers will not feel discomfort. The motor runs quietly, no vibrations, the car starts off easily. The gasoline version delivers 102 liters. sec., acceleration of 100 km / h to 12 seconds is achieved. For Russia, there is no provision for a supercharged gasoline engine version.

Caddy will not have active cruise control. For Russia, it was decided first of all to import diesel versions. The petrol version will appear a little later. Volkswagen Caddy – a wonderful car with comfort and the right place in the cabin. Special demand is expected among private traders, entrepreneurs.


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