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Car Volkswagen Passat

Car Volkswagen Passat 1

Volkswagen Passat

Car Volkswagen Passat 2

Volkswagen Passat has impressive dimensions and an aristocratic appearance, and in the segment of business class cars it rightfully occupies a leading position. Moreover, many say that the fifth generation of Volkswagen cars washed away all class boundaries.

We can safely say that the image of the car is on a par with three world famous German cars. The car panels are carefully equipped, its interior is very roomy, the engines are very powerful, and the range of additional equipment is very diverse.

The car has a fairly roomy trunk, the luggage compartment can be increased due to the rear seats folded in parts. The car also has a special compartment for long objects.

There is no need to install roof rails, since the interior of the car is so spacious that it can easily fit large-sized household appliances. You can also transport stacks of boards in this car with ease..

Passat – B5 has been produced for quite some time and by the way not one of its competitors (Mercedes or BMW) can boast of such an expensive interior.

The car has excellent driving characteristics, the trip on it will be very smooth, in addition, the designers took care of an excellent level of sound insulation.

Undisputed is the assertion that in the middle class this car is one of the best. Any driver and passengers will feel confident and comfortable..

If you want to make the car even more noticeable, you can place vinyl stickers on the hood or side doors, and these stickers can contain a picture in a different style, from classic to modern.

The first two years after the car went into serial production, its lovers divided into two camps: those who wanted to buy it and those who, on the contrary, wanted to get rid of it. In the early years of the release of this car, the flaws in the car’s security system were so huge that the intentions of the second category of car enthusiasts were helped by hijackers.

After the first two years of mass production of the car, there was a noticeable separation of the Passat lovers into two categories: those who wanted to buy it, and those who, on the contrary, tried their best to get rid of it. The second category in the first years of the car’s release was greatly helped by car thieves, because due to shortcomings in the security system there was a huge number of car thefts.

These deficiencies were completely eliminated already in the 1999 model line, so it is recommended to purchase these cars starting from this year of manufacture.

This model is the first Volkswagen with a galvanized body. By the way, the guarantee against corrosion is given for the whole twelve years.


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