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Car Volkswagen Polo

Car Volkswagen Polo 1

Volkswagen Polo – a true follower of tradition

Car Volkswagen Polo 2

Undoubtedly, the VW Polo is not distinguished by the dimensions of premium sedans, but it has a whole set of its own advantages: perfect build quality, true German durability and reliability. Although the cost of a car is difficult to attribute to a modest unit, even in the secondary market these models are quite expensive, sometimes not cheaper than brand new cars from other companies of the same segment.

But developers from Wolfsburg can offer Volkswagen Polo cars in the widest range of constructive bodies and trim levels. Everything is here: hatchbacks of 3 and 5 doors, station wagons and sedans of the Fun classification, finally oriented to a sports drive, GT and GTI models.

The engine range is akin to body configurations: gasoline ICE 3 and 4 cylinders, with parameters from 54 to 101 forces, turbo engines 3 and 4 cylinders, from 75 to 130 forces, know yourself, choose. The most powerful diesel unit is equipped with a manual transmission (6), with the rest, depending on the configuration, a manual transmission (5) and automatic transmission (4) are offered, although the latter is only for a 75-horsepower gasoline unit. In 2005, due to the interest of engineers in the new line of TSI family turbo engines, all engines were upgraded or replaced.

The interior of the Volkswagen Polo is spacious, especially for the driver and the navigator, it will be convenient for two to be behind, but if necessary, three passengers will fit. Expensive materials were used in the decoration, and the assembly, otherwise than meticulous, would not be decided by any specialist. Fabric equipment is preferable to velor, as it retains its presentation for much longer.

In the base of the car, only airbag (frontal), ABS, and electric power steering are installed. Cars sold in the aftermarket can offer a wide variety of additional equipment, including air conditioning and power accessories.

The VW Polo car is reliable, strong, and durable, today it is already an axiom. True, earlier complaints were voiced on the version with gasoline ICE 3 cylinders, the engines stubbornly refused to work on low-grade fuel. As a result, ignition coils and candles suffered. In the “fours”, 2 problems were noted – the air intake manifold and the fuel pump, the causes of the malfunction are similar. Transmission boxes function without problems, subject to timely maintenance, and the suspension, due to the simplicity and reliability of the design, is generally eternal.


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