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Car Volkswagen Touareg

Car Volkswagen Touareg 1

Volkswagen Touareg – minimum changes

Car Volkswagen Touareg 2

Changes to – at least in restyling – a hallmark that the creators are happy with everything. So with the updated Volkswagen Touareg release, improvements after modernization need to be found with a magnifying glass. The German automaker openly felt that the best is the enemy of the good. And hit the point.

Not everyone can distinguish “before” from “after”. Take a look at the false radiator grille. Have you noticed the change? Not? And they are on the face. Count the chrome planks located horizontally. What? Planks have become more?

There are other nuances. Slightly sloping openings of air intakes on a bumper in front, new outlines of foglights and originality of head optics. By the way, the headlights are now standardized and installed with xenon high and dipped beam lamps. Washer and corrector installed by default.

Appearance configurations are not the will of designers. The Germans never do anything solely for the external effect. It turns out that the new false grilles guarantee improved aerodynamics, which means that the consumer will save fuel. Plus – configurations improve environmental performance. Where without it?

Tuning your Touareg can be done by the client himself. You can, for example, purchase the Style package with silver roof rails, backlit rooms with LEDs and tinted windows. An additional dose of chromium is implied – it is intended for air intakes, rounded exhaust pipes, windows and thresholds.

At first glance, the interior of the SUV has not changed. But the first glance when it comes to Volkswagen is false. But then you will certainly notice the aluminum edging of the armrests and the progressive illumination of the units. Obsolete red light was replaced by moon white. The perfect complement to black leather seats and silver-plated dashboard inserts!

The captain Touareg’s chair is comfortable. High landing, unobtrusive side support, soft main armrest. Volkswagen is comfortable, but not at home. Everything is too strict. You seemed to be in an expensive office. Everything is serious, nothing more.

Ergonomics, up to standard. Volkswagen is able to equip space! And of course – it dictates its conditions. Need to arrange small things? Throw their closed niches away from your eyes.

With an abundance of buttons and options, the dashboard “reads” perfectly. You can easily reach the settings with your hand. Moreover, the switches will have to switch only the first time. If you have a Premium version, the system will remember the position of the front seats, mirrors and steering wheel. All this is customized for the driver, as soon as you turn the key.

In all other respects, the crossover has not actually changed.


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