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Car Volvo V40

Car Volvo V40 1

Volvo V40

Car Volvo V40 2

For many years, not a single car has been able to challenge Volkswagen Golf the title of the most popular hatchback, because this car was made for centuries. But now the “Golf” has a competitor, represented by the Volvo V40. This car has everything that will help it achieve an excellent result on the highway and take the leadership from the long-term leader of the hatchbacks..

What is the Volvo V40 for the car?

The review of this car should be begun with hit “Volvo” in the very point. For many years, the concern produced, although good enough, but still not the kind that people wanted..

Any car enthusiast understood that only a Volvo could compete with a Volkswagen in the production of hatchbacks. And so, there was a Volvo V40, capable of competing with the greatest “Golf” hatchback of all time. If you want to get a reliable hatchback, but not Golf, this Volvo model is perfect.

The first surprise awaits the driver on the highway and it is the behavior of the car. The feeling is great, everything is top notch. The “Golf” championship among hatchbacks has now become shaky and in big question.

It should be noted that you can choose the most suitable type of engine, each of which has its own advantages. T5 – has a powerful, high-speed motor. In addition, he is the most expensive. A car equipped with it will cost 31 thousand pounds. If T2 is chosen, the speed will not be so great, but the car will cost 19 thousand. For those who can not remain indifferent to the environment, the D2 engine is suitable. But it is inferior in speed to a powerful engine, although, which is already good, fuel is consumed half as much.

The main thing in the interior of this car, style, sophistication and comfort.

If the D2 engine is selected, this will greatly save on cars – and with all this, it will also remain powerful.


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