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Car VW Tiguan R-Line

Car VW Tiguan R-Line 1

VW Tiguan R-Line in a new image

Car VW Tiguan R-Line 2

VW Tiguan R-Line – the top version of the crossover. Additional options, external styling have benefited. In the updated car, a powerful engine can be noted, another transmission is used, body kits are improved. The crossover received one of the most powerful engines. The engine works great. Tiguan R-Line accelerates fast in just 7.3 seconds.

The suspension in this version has remained normal. It can highlight multitasking. Bumps on the roads are easily overcome. Nice car goes through turns. Technical changes are quite excellent. They touched the transformation and appearance. The aerodynamic body kit is made so that the car seemed squat. The road sag is normal and there will be no problems on the roads. Alloy wheels complement the image of the car. Black overlays will not be so noticeable. They are located on the wheel arches..

Inside, the crossover has become smaller. In the cabin you can see the black ceiling, the company logo appeared on the seats. The steering wheel turned out with sports characteristics. The front panel has glossy pads. Vehicle equipment has not changed dramatically. The trunk remains 470 liters. A comfortable fit will allow you to sit in the cabin without any problems. From the driver’s seat offers excellent visibility. Inside, more metallic luster has appeared. Black and gray leather blend perfectly together. Metal inserts are visible on the doors.

Of course, the changed power, external and internal conversion will cost dearly to customers. An improved look will appeal to even the most demanding person. Fuel consumption will pleasantly impress – 9 – 13 liters. Of course, profitability is not observed here, but still the indicator is not bad. The cost of this version will be approximately 36 535 dollars. Practicality and reasonable price are the distinctive features of the Tiguan R-Line. This car is suitable for all those who love aggressive and sporty driving style.


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