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Car warranty: harm or benefit

Car warranty: harm or benefit 1

Warranty: harm or benefit

Car warranty: harm or benefit 2

Any thing purchased again has a warranty period of operation and, if necessary, maintenance. Car dealerships also guarantee their customers the quality of vehicles sold, and in case of problems, they undertake to solve them as soon as possible, moreover, for free. This issue has always been at the center of heated debate. Someone considers warranty service an unreasonable “throwing out” of money, while others do not imagine how you can deprive your “iron friend” of such necessary services of a service center.

How to make the right decision and at the same time save. Oh, this eternal material side of life.

Most car owners clearly follow the seller’s instructions for using the car, operating it and caring for it. They diligently, on time, arrive at the service to carry out the next check of the state of their vehicle. The reason for this choice is the phrase “necessary, then necessary.” Despite the fact that service from an authorized dealer is much more expensive than at ordinary service stations, and there are no visible advantages, people stubbornly refuse their services.

The obligations that the car dealer undertakes give the owner of the purchased vehicle the right to eliminate factory defects in the vehicle discovered after purchase for free. These are the contractual terms of the parties. In reality, the situation is somewhat different. It will not be easy to prove even visible flaws. The car dealership will surely find a way to not fulfill its obligations or will try to “tear off” the tidy sum from the buyer. Remember that there is a law that protects the rights of consumers, and do not lose hope of achieving your goal..

You can easily be removed from the warranty for the use of “wrong” spare parts, that is, purchased in a foreign dealer network. The legislation spells out the concept of “non-original” parts. Maintenance of the vehicle during the entire warranty period should be carried out only in the service center, by its employees. Otherwise, the contractual obligations with the car dealership will be terminated. And you will have to take care of your “iron horse” yourself.

It should also be remembered that car dealers provide different warranty conditions. The make of the car also matters. If a warranty is part of your plans, take care of this in advance..


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