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Cars 2016

Cars 2016 1

Cars 2016

Cars 2016 2

The global auto market, like any other area of ​​production, does not stand still. New car models are constantly appearing, which every year more and more surprise their potential customers, both with design and functionality. So, by the next 2016 bright and stylish news are already being prepared..

In the first place among them, of course, the Ferrari brand and its chic 488GTB model. All fans of the Ferrari brand know firsthand the famous 458 Italia, which is considered the foundation of the brand. So 488GTB is its great continuation. It has the same body base as its predecessor, but has a softer and smoother design. Dramatic changes have occurred in the technical part, now the power of the v8 motor is 608 liters. Also, experts noted the flawless operation of the gearbox, which is very important for sports caravans. Its premiere in the market is planned in early 2016..

The well-known elite brand Jaguar does not lag behind the trends and, by 2016, is also preparing a pleasant gift for its fans. This gift is Jaguar C-X17. New luxury SUV. Technical specifications of this model are preserved, as well as other models of the XE series. The manufacturer focuses on design. The design is similar to the stylish sedan of the XF series of the same manufacturer. The rear of the car resembles a sports car, in its headlights and landing. Inside, there is a feeling of impeccability, thin lines and spaciousness speak of this. The seats in this car are very ergonomic. Passengers will not get tired even during a long trip. Used fabrics, materials and their color scheme meet all the latest trends. And of course, what to say about equipping such a salon with electronics, modern acoustics and a host of other services correspond to the brand concept.

Another good news for car enthusiasts. Also in 2016, a new Chevrolet Camaro will be on sale. The car will be created on a new platform, which will also be used to develop Cadillac. Compared to the previous version, the technical characteristics have undergone significant changes, while the external signs have survived only with some adjustments. The changes were influenced by the fact that now the production of the main components will be carried out at the General Motors plant. And that means that new technologies will be applied. In general, the car looks stylish and expensive, like all models of the brand.


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