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Cars assembled in Russia

Cars assembled in Russia 1

Cars assembled in Russia

Cars assembled in Russia 2

Just a few years ago, you could list on the fingers all the brands of cars that were produced in our country. First of all, this was due to the fact that the number of this kind of brands was minimal, that is, everyone knew about the existence of VAZ, GAZ and Moskvich. On this, as a whole, the whole list ended.

As for today’s time, there is hardly a person who can list all the brands produced by our domestic auto industry. Now, the collected stamps in Russia, along with foreign ones, are well mastering the vast expanses of auto production.

However, with all this, the people have a certain opinion that all the foreign cars that are assembled in our country are of very low quality than the analogues collected abroad. Undoubtedly, this opinion may have its own existence, but it is not worth agreeing with it, since for foreign manufacturers the reputation remains the main successful quality.

To date, about twenty-four manufacturers stand out who assemble about seventy models.

If we touch on the domestic auto industry in more detail, first of all I would like to single out AvtoVAZ and the manufactured Lada cars. In addition, the Chevrolet Niva car is being assembled in the city of Tolyatti, which in its essence is an excellent joint product of such companies as AvtoVAZ and General Motors. Do not forget about the Gorky Automobile Plant, which produces popular brands of cars Sable, Gazelle and trucks.

IzhAvto organized the production of such cars as Sorrento and Spectra, which are most directly related to the Kia brand. And finally, UAZ, producing all-known SUVs, such as the Patriot, Hunter and Pickup.

In general, it is in the Volga region that the entire center of the domestic automobile industry is located. However, in addition to this, the head enterprises are also concentrated in this region, which produce all the components that are so necessary for the production of cars.

As for the central regions themselves, it’s not a secret for anyone that a French car brand such as Renault is being produced in Moscow, in particular, it is the models Logan, Florence, Sandero, Duster and Megan. And Petersburg became a place of concentration with the release of Ford, General Motors, Nisan, Toyota and Hyundai. Due to the fact that such well-known car brands are produced in the Leningrad Region, the people dubbed this area “Russian Detroit”.

Among other things, do not forget about the southern region, in particular the Taganrog Automobile Plant, also engaged in the production of Hyundai and Tagaz brands. Everything else at the plant is the production of buses of the same Hyundai brand and the release of the famous Hyundai HD500 tractor.

But in the Kaliningrad region, in particular at the Avtotor plant, cars such as BMW, Hammer and Cadillac are assembled.

All of the above cars as a whole do not represent the entire list of assembled cars in our country. The number of such cars is increasing annually, despite the fact that the range of trends is expanding..


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