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Cars for the whole family

Cars for the whole family 1

Cars for the whole family. What to choose?

Cars for the whole family 2

Choosing a car is always a challenge. It should be both universal and comfortable for each family member, and also reflect the face and style of the owner. An important role is played by the reliability of the car.

A chic car that captivates with its driving performance, Audi Q7. The car leaves a first impression quite pleasant. Chic seats, expensive materials. It looks cheeky, you can see from a distance – in front of you is a special car. We learn what constitutes a “filling”, since this crossover is firmly established in the Russian market.

Q7 has been produced since 2005, but the body was so successful that it does not need to be replaced. It has been on sale for 10 years and survived only restyling. Fans of this brand explain this fact by the fact that the car turned out so successful that there was no need to change anything. You can’t argue with this, but the reliability is checked.

Despite the fact that this is not a sports car or a professional SUV, it is very dynamic, comfortable and versatile enough, setting new trends. The car has a 245 power three-liter turbodiesel V-shaped engine, which gives acceleration to “hundreds” in 7.8 seconds. Audi Q7 – a full-size crossover, roomy enough for both passengers and luggage. We can say that the car in its class, as well as in comparison with competitors, and these are such as Volkswagen Touareg, Mercedes-Benz GL, BMW X5 is the largest. Q7 looks powerful, but does not have an awesome look, unlike the same Jeep Grand Cherokee srt or Range Rover.

Mass and overall characteristics of this model:

Length: 5085-5165 mm

Ground clearance: 180-245 mm

Wheelbase: 3001 mm

Weight: 2210-2265 kg

The AUDI company does not depart from its traditions and uses the Quattro system with a distribution of torque between the front and rear axles in a ratio of 40:60. This allows the car to move freely on the road. Pits and potholes, as if “swallowed”.

Audi, as the buyer is used to, equips cars with high-quality LED headlights, which is no longer surprising.

The salon is also not inferior to appearance: the seats are made of dense and high-quality leather, soft plastic, comfortable fit, four-zone climate control for both the driver and passengers, noise insulation, a fairly high ceiling. All this makes the trip comfortable even for tall people..

The trunk is electric, rises high, so the hands remain clean. The capacity of the trunk is also impressive: in addition to being spacious, there are also niches for small things, for wrenches, a towing hook and there is even a place for a full set of wheels. By reducing the volume of the trunk, it is possible to expand the third row of seats and the car becomes a seven-seater. It should be noted low fuel consumption, about seven liters.

However, one should be objective. Like any model, Q7 has its drawback. Due to the solid side members, in the event of a collision, the second participant in an accident receives incredibly serious damage.

For safety, you can add, in a crash test, this model out of a possible five stars received four.

Summarize. According to statistics, 80% of Q7 owners are very satisfied with their car. They value dynamics, spaciousness, design, interior quality and comfort. Among the “minuses”, we note an unstably working electrician, a rather high cost of maintenance, and also that the car loses a lot and quickly in price. For sellers in the secondary market, this, of course, is a “minus”, but for a buyer this is a big “plus”.

A downed, full-fledged, well-driven car on mountain serpentines for the whole family, within 3 million rubles, is worth considering.


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