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Cars in crisis 2015-2016

Cars in crisis 2015-2016 1

Cars in crisis 2015

Cars in crisis 2015-2016 2

Probably, everyone at least once in his life was faced with the need to purchase a car. A car for someone managed to become a part of life, for someone and a confirmation of a certain status. But not everyone can be 100% sure of the quality of the acquired “pet.” And now, when the crisis is “moving” around the country, it is completely difficult to choose something suitable with the maximum correspondence of the “price-quality” parameter. Based on the above difficulties, in our difficult time, the lineups of Russian, Chinese and European budget cars are offered for consideration for 2015.

Lada Granta and Kalina. Two budget cars, the price of which starts with 310 000 rubles in the initial configuration. But for the money you can get a car without heating the windows, air conditioning and other very important points. Therefore, another interesting version of the Russian budget automobile industry is offered for attention. And this version of Lada Largus. Largus is distinguished by great practicality, capacity. Its price is from 420,000 to 580,000 rubles. Quite a good option among Russian cars.

Regarding the Chinese auto industry, their cars are able to compete with other foreign brands. And in price, for example, the well-known Lifan Solano is no more expensive than domestic ones. The cost, depending on the configuration, ranges from 470,000 to 570,000 rubles. The car is distinguished by reliability and simplicity. No wonder many organizations Taxis buy this particular car.

Well, the third budget direction is European cars. Of course, the Europa mainland is small, and, consequently, their cars are also small and small, which means they are economical, but not always cheap. For example, Daewoo Matiz had to rise in price by as much as 100,000 rubles during the crisis, and now its cost is on average 430,000 rubles.

Europeans distinguish Volkswagen Polo from budget cars for Russia. But what, a German, everything is with him, and he costs from 520,000 to 820,000 rubles. Comparing the brands of cars known to us, involuntarily priority is given, of course, to the Germans. Yes, all life is connected with them. In the early 90s, so many German cars were transported to all parts of Russia. And still have to rely only on quality “Germans”. Although they, in recent years, began to relax a little.

Summing up, the “iron horse” is still the choice of the reader. And most importantly, that he did not fail, he was always at hand, “ate” a little gasoline and brought joy to the movement.


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