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Cars in segment C

Cars in segment C 1

Cars in segment C

Cars in segment C 2

Today, our car market is filled with a variety of models, from which the head goes around. In this article we will talk with you about cars in segment C. This review will help you choose a car to your liking. Let’s immediately agree that this article is not an advertisement, just the main characteristics of a particular brand will be given below, and the choice is always up to the buyer.

It should be noted that the variety of cars in this segment is very large. So, which model should you choose? Let’s go over some of them..

– Toyota Corolla. This car has a long history and here we see an updated model. This model is more accurate, refined, and all because of the modern front end. We can also see some changes in the cabin. It is also worth highlighting the pros and cons of this model. The pluses include a reliable and durable body, the speaker system has been improved. And most importantly, we see the full value for money. In addition, the price is suitable for almost all categories of residents.

Only design qualities can be attributed to the negative side, because the new design makes the model unrecognizable.

– Honda Civic. I must say that this model made a big splash not only in our country, but also around the world. The new Honda is a completely new design, look. Believe me, he will not leave you indifferent.

Positive qualities – this is easily recognizable model, increased passenger compartment by installing a fuel tank under the front seat. There is also an electronic shield. Civic is equipped with a spoiler. If there are pluses, then, of course, there are also disadvantages, so a limited number of engine options are negative qualities.

– Citroen C4. This model is equipped with a large number of new products that will help you while driving. To make steering convenient and comfortable, the steering wheel is designed with a non-rotating hub. Also, if you accidentally try to cross a solid line, the car will give you a signal about the alleged violation. Also in the improved model there is an automatic aromatization of the cabin.

The advantages of this model are the originality of the design, the availability of technical innovations, controllability, as well as HDI diesel engines. But poor visibility and lack of a station wagon belong to the negative sides of this model.

Of course, cars of this segment do not converge only on these cars, there are much more of them.


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