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Cars that want everything

Cars that want everything 1

Cars that want everything

Cars that want everything 2

It is pointless to deny, but there are cars that are the objects of desires of so many motorists. Today we bring to your attention a rating of just such cars, based on the results of a survey conducted among the British. Well, what do you think, dear visitors of the site, which car is the dream of many, which most motorists of the Old World dream of? Well, at least guess!

Okay, let’s not torment you, meet the car that everyone wants – Aston Martin. Yes, it is the brainchild of the British automobile industry that is in the dreams of many. The reason for the brand’s popularity is not clear, maybe it’s still a consequence of advertising or the fact that Bond, James Bond move on such an iron horse?

Second place among the cars that most want, went to McLaren. Needless to say, there are still a lot of fans of sports cars, so such a silver victory was not unexpected for many.

Closes the top three cars that most British dream of, the legendary Bentley brand, whose products are the standard of luxury, comfort and aesthetics. That is why there are so many who, not only in England, but around the world who want to rule them.

Naturally, the rating of cars that so many people dream of would not be complete without the representatives of the Jaguar brand. Such stylish, powerful and luxurious, they confidently occupy the fourth line in today’s review..

In fifth place was the Lamborghini brand, known worldwide for its sports cars, and which began with the production of tractors. Who knows what kind of car would close today’s five if in the early sixties of the last century Lamborghini and Ferrari did not argue.

By the way, about Ferrari. This brand takes the sixth place among the British car preferences. Each exhibit with a galloping black stallion, located on the hood, is worthy of admiration, which a large number of people dream of capturing.

Maserati – luxury sedans, famous for their beauty, reliability and comfort, are also the object of desire of many Britons. However, we are not surprised, but you?

In eighth place among the most desirable cars of residents of the UK is the German Mercedes-Benz brand, the model line of which is so diverse that everyone will find exactly what he dreamed about.

Ninth and tenth places are also occupied by cars, the homeland of which is Germany, namely Porsche and Audi.

What do you think, if you conduct a similar survey among Russians, will the results coincide? For some reason, it seems to us that no. Although who knows?!


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