Customer lost keys from his Harley and don’t know PIN – this is not the problem! It’s very easy with our tools. In first you need read PIN-code from Harley
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Most modern serially produced Harley-Davidson motorcycles in their basic configuration are equipped with the Smart Security System security system, part of which is a remote key fob that
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HOW TO: error P0601 – Repair Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU by myself. Repair the computer with your own hands!
For many, it is no secret that the P0601 error leads
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HOW TO: Learn smart-key to Kia Sorento 2017y. It’s very easy. And more faster then make a sandwich 🙂 Take any multibrand scanner – for sample Topdon, Autel or
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I would like to tell you about one of the diseases of Mercedes cars – steering lock (ESL). The Mercedes access authorization system in w204, W207, W212 includes a steering
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Why the Mercedes IR key might not work? With the problem of efficiency, write or rewrite key is forced to face almost any electrician and the owner of the Mercedes.
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The heroes of today’s story are the Opel Corsa D car, the Check Engine indicator on the panel and a list of errors in the engine ECU. The car of
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And so I decided to include functions to my brothers car) I read everything that I found on the expanses of the network. For the Fabia FL facades, new blocks
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I tried to program the functions I needed in the machine with the VAG-COM lanyard. Everything turned out very simply and quickly. I will show by example the inclusion of
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Hi, dear Mercedes drivers! Something bad was happened and on our customers car the selector of the automatic transmission began to fail, periodically lost the current speed. As it turned
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Once again, reading the forums stumbled upon a tempo about the reset of the gearshift control adaptation. Today I decided to try it. Instructions copied below, while writing about the
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