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Changan cs75

Changan cs75 1

Changan cs75

Changan cs75 2

One thing can be said about this model, it is rightfully included in the number of automobile brands, and this refers to Changan CS 75. Its manufacturer from China was going to produce at an automobile assembly plant located in our country. If we are talking about the sales of new items, then it is worth mentioning that the leadership approached this issue quite thoughtfully and seriously. Despite the fact that he initially did not want to be implemented in Western Europe, then the automobile salon located in the city of Frankfurt was chosen as the place of presentation – this happened two years ago.

The opinion of marketers from the organization Changan Automobile Group, speaks of the presence of this model, in a more serious forum, which has an impact on future buyers. It is in this case that the information that has appeared about the recently released news should come only from authoritative sources located in Europe, covering certain automobile brands exclusively at international exhibitions.

The manufacturer did the same much earlier, showing at some major car dealership. It belongs to the Old World, where the then-released Changan CS 35 model was gladly accepted in the South American market than it was sold in Western Europe. Also, this car was adopted in the Middle East and, accordingly, in the Chinese market. By the way, in our country CS 35 it is also sold, but not in the way that Changan would like to.

The appearance of the car

An international team from various European countries, who at one time worked with a number of well-known models, worked rather hard on its design. In part, this led to a rather stylish, and besides, modern exterior of the released crossover.

It turned out quite compact. All sizes were not too much changed, although this helped him to grow slightly..

Looking at it more closely, you can see a little similarity with the appearance in the appearance of the CS 75 and even with a model such as Freelander 2 from the manufacturer Land Rover, as well as with the Evoque automobile concern Range Rover. Although there should be no talk of any plagiarism, because its entry into the international market would position itself as a self-sufficient manufacturer of fairly original, and also modern cars.

All the basic elements in all their appearance, referring from the PRC to models from Britain. This also applies to premium SUVs, in which the front bumper and radiator grille are made of frequent cells with a powerful bar in the center. Thanks to these elements, the car looks very dynamic, and very modern. Well, if you really set yourself the goal of finding similarities with previously released cars. Still it can be observed at any recently shown model by different manufacturers. Especially when it comes to world grandees, who often blame each other for such trifles as similarities in certain things. An example of this is Bentley, it was he who rebuked the Cadillac design of the released Continental concept, which, in turn, should blame itself.

What are the pros and cons of it??

If we consider it as a novelty of the next sample from the Chinese automobile industry, then this car deservedly earned the highest ratings, claiming to be the best crossover, which hails from China. In general, complaints, and besides there are not too many comments.


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