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Characteristics, application, reviews

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PHILIPS ULTINON LED 11961ULWX2 W5W lamps are LED auxiliary lighting.


Used for installation in interior lights, license plate lights and side lights.

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Replacing only one lamp may cause color discrepancy with the second lamp, so it is recommended change lamps in pairs, for convenience, the manufacturer packs these lamps in a set of two.

Characteristics, application, reviews 1


They are baseless. The base is a cartridge with contacts. 11961ULWX2 lamps have a color temperature of 6000K, emit cold white light, if you need a warmer light, you can use lamps with the article number 11961ULW4X2 PHILIPS. Their color temperature is 4000K and they emit warm white light. Otherwise, these lamps are identical.

Specifications PHILIPS 11961ULWX2

  • Lamp type: LED.
  • Series: Ultinon LED.
  • Bulb type: W5W.
  • LED type: LED-T10.
  • Plinth: baseless (W2,1×9,5d).
  • Voltage: 12V.
  • Power: 0.6W.
  • Color temperature: 6000K.
  • Luminous flux: 50 lm.
  • Color: cold white.

The advantages of PHILIPS LED T10 W5W 6000K 11961ULWX2 in comparison with standard incandescent lamps are as follows:

  • brighter and more uniform light;
  • faster turn-on speed;
  • they are not afraid of vibration and overheating;
  • quality made;
  • long service life.

The manufacturer claims that they can work up to 8 years. This is natural slyness, but on drive2 for 11961ulwx2 there were talks about 4 years of trouble-free service.

Characteristics, application, reviews 2

PHILIPS Ultinon LED bulbs are ideal for replacing standard car bulbs. Numerous positive reviews indicate that after installing Philips 11961ULWX2 in the car interior it becomes much lighter, and the side lights and room lighting shine much brighter than standard incandescent bulbs, and the service life is longer.

Of the analogs, you can offer Osram Ledriving Standard 2880CW-02B lamps, a very similar set of two lamps, the color temperature is the same – 6000K, and all other characteristics are similar except for the power.

Characteristics, application, reviews 3

Osram Ledriving Standard 2880CW-02B Lamps

Osram lamps have more power, and is 1W. This affects the heating of the lamp and the plafond in which it will stand. There are reviews of molten diffusers and reflectors of lanterns that were close to the lamp. The price of Osram lamps is about 550 rubles, which is higher than Philips (an average of 440 rubles / set).

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