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Chery amulet – specifications, description, review

Chery amulet - specifications, description, review 1

Chery amulet – specifications, design, service

Chery amulet - specifications, description, review 2

Chery Amulet Machine: Specifications and Design Features

The subcompact car Cherie Amulet began to be produced by a Chinese company in 2003. Chery Amulet received technical specifications similar to the Seat Toledo car, since it was on its platform that the Chinese company created the Amulet.

The Chery Amulet engine received a license from the Japanese concern Mitsubishi, but the Chinese created it. This power unit has a power of 94 hp, and its volume is 1.6 liters. The second Chery Amulet motor is a 16-valve, it has a gas distribution mechanism. The Cherie Amulet checkpoint is represented by a five-speed “mechanics”, it must be emphasized that it is installed together with a 94-horsepower engine, and the fuel consumption of the car in such a “tandem” in the mixed driving mode does not exceed 7.5 liters per 100 km. The second option is a variable-speed gearbox Chery Amulet of a self-developed Chinese company, it is installed on the version with a 16-valve engine.

Specifications Chery Amulet has enough to develop normal dynamics, both on the highway and in urban mode. A wide range of revolutions of the Chery Amulet car comes to the aid of the driver from 2 to 4.5 thousand rpm, with it you can even get mini-victories in racing from traffic lights.

Timing Belt Chery Amulet is considered a big problem with this car. The fact is that car owners should change it in a timely manner, the Chinese manufacturer advises doing this every 40 thousand km, since when the belt breaks, the pistons meet the valves, so you will have to repair the engine. By the way, changing the timing belt Chery Amulet for the second or third time, you need to change the timing gears, as during operation they wear out a lot.


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