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Chery eastar

Chery eastar 1

Chery eastar

Chery eastar 2

One of the most prominent representatives of the Chinese automobile industry is Chery Eastar. Moreover, it is worth noting that this kind of car has a fairly large number of names. For example, in China it is also called Oriental Son, Mikado, B11. As for Russia, here it was dubbed the Chinese Volga.

As for the characteristics of this kind of car themselves, first of all, Chery Eastar is the most affordable class D car. Moreover, I want to note that in the same lineup with this car are also such as Volkswagen Passat, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and many others. However, Chery Eastar outperforms this type of car in terms of price. That is, in general, this car is two times cheaper than all of the above. It is in view of the price value that this car is in great demand in both the Chinese and Russian markets.

In terms of the positive qualities of this car, then in general they are usually not small. So, first of all, such fairly decent dimensions can be attributed to such. And besides, the car’s interior is spacious, and there is enough space for both those sitting in front and in the back seat. The only negative with all this is the lowered line of the roof. As a result, passengers of medium height sitting in the back will touch the head trim.

The positive aspects include fairly good materials. As a rule, these include leather, plastic, acoustic elements and soundproofing.

In addition, the dimensions of the luggage compartment are considered one of the most significant positive aspects to date. With all this, it is worth noting that in this car it is quite large.

As another admirable moment, this is an automatic transmission. It should be noted that a huge number of car owners when buying a Chinese car have some kind of doubt regarding the relative comfort of the gearbox. However, in this car, all the negative impact was completely dispelled, since the speeds switch smoothly, without any jerks and at the optimal number of revolutions. In principle, we can say that the machine on this car has a very high intelligence.

The last positive points include good body geometry. That is, in fact, it is as if pressed to the ground, which as a whole allows you to have a small clearance and smooth lines. All these qualities help keep the road going even at high speeds..

In principle, the existing picture can give a very positive impression, but at the same time, a person should not rush to run to a car dealership and purchase this kind of car, since in general, in addition to its positive qualities, it also has a number of negative aspects.

As a rule, Chery Eastar’s disadvantages include the fact that this car requires very expensive repair work. That is, for about the first 50 thousand kilometers it works fine, and then it is necessary to repair both the body and serious parts.

In addition, its running gear can be attributed to the number of negative moments. That is, despite the fact that many write that the chassis is quite comfortable and soft, in general, this kind of softness is too soft. At the same time, it is also worth considering that its resource leaves much to be desired. For example, the life of shock absorbers ends after about 60 thousand kilometers, while silent blocks even before. After 40 thousand kilometers, steering tape ends its life, which ultimately leads to increased vibration.

In addition, this kind of car is not the most reliable electronics, since every now and then there are a certain kind of problems with the sensor. It is worth noting that these same problems both independently came and went on their own.

But one of the main disadvantages of this car is the quality of the metal. Here it is very soft, by the way the same can be said about the bumper. Moreover, the slightest bump or scratch leads to very serious problems..

The last minus is a fairly quick sagging of the doors. In fact, the Chinese auto industry in this regard is similar to our.

In the end, I want to note that in general the car is not bad, but requiring a sufficiently large investment after a while.


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