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Chery indis – owner reviews, design features, specifications

Chery indis - owner reviews, design features, specifications 1

Chery indis – owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the purchase

Chery indis - owner reviews, design features, specifications 2

All about the car Chery IndiS: owner reviews, specifications

The compact crossover Cherie Indis is ideal for moving around the city. In the Russian car market, this vehicle is widespread and well known to many motorists; it was loved for its bright color and “nimbleness”.

As you know, the best way to evaluate any car, including Chery Indis, is the reviews of the owners and if you analyze them, you can see that the owners of such a car talk about it only the best or the worst, that is, the impression is that “the golden mean “Does not exist at all. However, one important trend should be noted – despite different opinions and conversations, many motorists still want to buy Chery Indis, so this car deserves more attention.

The car Cherie Indis received the following dimensions: width 1622 mm, height – 1638 mm, wheelbase – 2330 mm. The height of this model, of course, is not impressive, but still the manufacturer somehow managed to make all four doors large and comfortable with stylish, original handles. The fact that this vehicle was well thought out is confirmed by a high-quality plastic body kit along the bottom of the body, it runs along the entire perimeter and thus protects almost all body parts that are at risk due to rust: rear and front bumpers, trunk threshold , large door, arched edges, thresholds, roof rails.

But the car has Chery Indis and its shortcomings, for example, that the door handles are made of weak plastic, the side mirrors are too small, and the luggage compartment can only be opened from the passenger compartment. But against the background of these minuses, the Chery Indis advantage, which consists in high ground clearance – 180 mm looks even more impressive, so the car can drive not only in city yards, but also conquer easy off-road.

You can buy a car Cherie Indis in the Russian market in two trim levels. The basic version includes an alarm, central locking, front airbags, ABS, power steering, breakdown indicator, display, fog lights, roof rails, air conditioning, electric windows. In a more expensive configuration, you can additionally get an audio system with four speakers, mirrors with a drive, 15-inch alloy wheels, a rear window wiper, heated front seats, electric rear windows.

The Chery Indis car did not receive a wide variety of installed engines, it is equipped with only one 1.3-liter petrol native engine. And although the power of this motor is only 83 hp. reviews of owners of Chery Indis confirm that more power is not necessary for the car. A 5-speed manual gearbox is installed normally, but an optional robotic box can be ordered. Indis fuel consumption in mixed mode is only 7 liters per 100 km, which is good news for owners.


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