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Chery Kimo Car

Chery Kimo Car 1

Chery Kimo – an international car from China

Chery Kimo Car 2

As a rule, Chinese automakers do not involve specialists from other countries in the development of manufactured vehicles. But, when creating the Chery Kimo hatchback, an exception was made, more than ten foreign companies participated in the development of this model. The body design was worked out by Italians, the power unit was designed by the Austrians, the engine control unit was assembled by the Germans. Thanks to the activities of the international team, a modern car with excellent technical, optional equipment, a comfortable interior has appeared and you can buy all this at an adequate cost.

The interior decoration is executed in light shades and due to this, the dimensions of the already rather big interior visually increase. The front seats are wide and can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction. The steering column is adjusted for tilt. The scales of the main control devices are recessed into deep wells and have a blue backlight against which red arrows stand out. A small monochrome display is built into the speedometer, on which fuel consumption readings, vehicle mileage are displayed.

In the cabin there is a large number of niches, luggage pockets and glove compartments. Therefore, personal items can be placed around the cabin without much difficulty. The rear sofa is wide, designed to fit three people up to 180 centimeters tall. On any passenger seat you can fix a child seat. In the top-of-the-range configuration, the seats will be lined with leather, and additional climate control keys are displayed for passengers at the rear.

Technical, optional equipment

In our country, Chery Kimo is sold only with a 1.3-liter Acteco engine. The power unit is paired with a mechanical transmission, capable of developing power up to 83 liters. from. In the city, the engine will consume about eleven liters of fuel, on the highway consumption is reduced by half.

Traditionally for Chinese cars, Chery Kimo is equipped with numerous options. So, for the minimum cost you will get a car in which a power steering is installed, full power accessories, immobilizer, central locking. In a top-end configuration, the car is equipped with a hatch that can be opened with an electric drive. Chery Kimo is a safe vehicle that has received all possible safety certificates in Europe and America..


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