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Chery Tiggo: Master of Incarnations

Chery Tiggo: Master of Incarnations 1

Chery Tiggo: Master of Incarnations

Chery Tiggo: Master of Incarnations 2

This Chinese SUV is considered one of the most popular Celestial automobiles in the car markets of Ukraine and Russia. Why is he so attracted to our motorists? Does it make sense to buy a used car of this brand?

Almost all motorists know the Chinese tactics of cloning famous brands of world motorism. The prototype of Chery Tiggo was the legendary 2nd generation Toyota RAV4. The successful choice of a “donor” made this crossover very popular in our market. After all, outwardly it is very similar to the famous brand of the Japanese automobile industry, but it costs an order of magnitude cheaper. True to the durability and reliability of Tiggo is very much inferior to the original, but this is the cost of the Chinese automotive industry.

The first cars of this brand appeared with us in 2005. In 2007, the Chinese slightly changed the appearance of the car, and already in 2012, the car was subjected to significant restyling. The new Tiggo pretty much changed for the better and began to look more intelligent and impressive.

The variety of motors delivered to this model is impressive. These are earlier ones, with a volume of 2.0 liters and 2.4 liters, manufactured under license from Mitsubishi. And engines of our own production, Acteco series after 2007 (1.6 liter; 1.8 liter; 2.0 liter). Both those and other power units are quite successful, but at the same time they are still united by high demands on the quality of fuel, oil and other technical fluids. Pretty capricious electrician equipping motors.

On all-wheel drive versions of Tiggo until 2010, the vibration is not at all comfortable. This is a consequence of the interaxal clutch rigidly fixed to the bottom of the coupling, which, at a certain speed, enters into resonance with the body.

The model is equipped with two types of gearboxes: a 5-speed “mechanics” and a 4-speed automatic hydromechanical. Both gearboxes, to put it mildly, do not differ in super reliability. In a mechanical box after 60-90 thousand, synchronizers often fail. About as much clutch is enough. “Avtomat”, which overcame the line of 100 thousand km, also often has to do major repairs with the replacement of the torque converter.

Both the scheme and the suspension details of Chery Tiggo are completely copied from the Japanese prototype of the model. That’s just, unfortunately, they are not as high quality as the RAV4. For example, struts and stabilizer bushings run from 30 to 50 thousand km, shock absorbers can withstand up to 100 thousand km. But, if you use non-original spare parts of Japanese manufacture, then the wear resource will increase by 2-3 times. True, the cost of such a “non-original” will be 1.5-2 times more expensive.

Corrosion protection of the body is far from ideal. Chipped places quickly begin to “bloom”. And in “older” specimens, wheel arches traditionally rust, naturally thresholds, a hood, a bottom of doors. Therefore, regional dealers recommend an additional anti-corrosion treatment. Plastic bumpers are fragile, especially in the cold.

Like every car model, Chery Tiggo has its own advantages and disadvantages. Relatively low price and maintenance naturally affect the nuances of durability and quality of the machine. But at the same time, a solid appearance (especially restyled), off-road preparedness, a spacious interior, make you feel like the owner of a real crossover and close to brutal jeepers.


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