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Chevrolet aveo

Chevrolet aveo 1

Chevrolet aveo

Chevrolet aveo

The world saw this model in 2003 in one of the Chicago car dealerships. It was a sedan and a hatchback called the Aveo. Very practical car with a pronounced bright personality. Oddly enough, his American “parents” Aveo got an international appearance. Looking at its exterior devoid of contradictions, clear edges and smooth lines, there are no questions about the appearance and design of this model.

Another feature of the Aveo are the dimensions located under the bumper and are often considered fog lights. Successfully designed front direction indicators. This is especially important for the safety of the driver, his neighbors and pedestrians..

It is known that the Chevrolet Aveo officially belongs to the class “B”. However, this is just a formality, because the car by all standards and requirements has largely stepped into class “C”.

In the passenger compartment, the driver is provided with comfort and convenience. This is the regulation of head restraints and power windows, and such a nice feature as the remote control audio system on the steering wheel. And, despite the front panel made of plastic, it looks very high quality. The cabin itself is large enough, roomy and spacious, which makes it possible for passengers and their luggage to move in it without discomfort. You can separately fold the rear seats, thereby increasing the space even more, if necessary. To all, it should be added that the boot volume is 400 liters.

Thanks to the features of the gearbox, the Chevrolet Aveo can accelerate quickly and drive just as fast. The displacement is 1.4 liters and the fuel consumption is 8.6 per 100 kilometers. On the road, Aveo behaves “obediently.” It is reliable in maneuvers, predictable, and the suspension is so good that passengers will experience special discomfort even on the road. High and sound insulation. It is also a plus to the comfort of the car. Hardy. With high-quality operation, it will last a long time and the mileage will surprise.

Gasoline poured into the tank should not be lower than 92 and leaded. Otherwise, in the future you are waiting for the replacement of nozzles and flushing the injector. It is better to avoid these unpleasant manipulations for the machine and for your nervous system. Another point is the replacement of the timing belt every 50,000 km. Otherwise, a whistle will follow, and after the problem of bent valves, which only a car service can fix.

Any driver knows that regular car diagnostics are a guarantee to prevent serious damage. Chevrolet Aveo is no exception.


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